OUTRAGED NFL Super Bowl Champion Just Went After Balenciaga For Their Shameful Ads

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Balenciaga’s new ads have outraged a recent NFL Super Bowl champion, and he is not afraid to tell the world how he feels.

I’m sure you’ve seen the news by now. Balenciaga released a new ad campaign that has been met with justified outrage from NFL Super Bowl Champion with the LA Rams, Cooper Kupp. This scandal is bigger than sports and anyone with a conscience knows that. 

The New York Times reported, in the wake of the Balenciaga scandal, Cooper Kupp was disgusted.

Last week, the fashion brand came under immense fire after it released an ad campaign that sexualized children with BDSM imagery. The Rams wideout was fed up, and excoriated the brand.

Cooper Kupp tweeted “To try to be a voice for our children, who rely on the protection of the men and women that were entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing them and raising them up: please make yourself aware of the attack against our young ones by @balenciaga, and ensure that they are held responsible for it!” Kupp tweeted over the weekend. “For those of us in positions to create change in the way that companies manipulate people and advertise evil, please stand up!”

Alison H. Centofante tweeted “The Balenciaga ad is disgusting. Toddlers posing with BDSM sex toys and alcohol. Hiding in plain sight a Supreme Court case involving a federal CP law… Stop sexualizing kids to sell your ugly overpriced crap. #Balenciaga”

After issuing a corporate apology, the company is now trying to shift blame away from their brand instead of taking full responsibility.

Fox news also reported, in an apology Tuesday, the brand stated that it would pursue legal action against the individuals who placed the text in the image.

Balenciaga simultaneously apologized for a separate but concurrent ad campaign that featured photos of child models holding teddy bears dressed in bondage gear. A project series called “Toy Stories” was the inspiration for the images for the ad campaign, according to photographer Gabriele Galimberti. The images now appear to be mostly scrubbed from the global brand’s website.

The recent Balenciaga scandal has caused a tremendous wave of shock and dismay throughout the conservative community. When Cooper Kupp brought attention to the issue, it was a wake-up call for everyone to realize that evil in this world must be addressed, regardless of politics, career or identity. The fact remains: children are precious gifts from God and should never be taken advantage of for demonic purposes. It is our duty as citizens too take a stand against unethical behavior and support those who are vulnerable. Hopefully leaders Like Kupp can inspire others in his industry speak-out. This Balenciaga scandal marked an opportunity for us to come together and protect those who need it most – our children.

OUTRAGED NFL Super Bowl Champion Just Went After Balenciaga For Their Shameful Ads

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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