Celebrities Share Their Open Faith Stance

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 It is amazing to see that some celebrities are willing to stand up to the culture that is constantly attacking religion, and family values. 

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For decades hollywood and popular culture has waged war on the family unit and God in everyday life. Now some celebrities are making a stand for their faith.

Daily wire reports. Tim Tebow, a former NFL quarterback, talked about his faith and admitted that “when you stand for something, you will face criticism” but that it is worth it.

During Tebow’s recent appearance on Fox News’ “One Nation” Saturday, the host Brian Kilmeade compared the criticisms the former pro baseball and football player has suffered with the criticisms actor Chris Pratt has faced for being open about his faith, according to Fox News.


Along with Tim Tebow, and Criss Pratt another celebrity has joined in with being public about her faith.

Daily wire reports. Superstar Patricia Heaton had an incredible message for those Christians who might be feeling “disappointed or despairing” following the election results of the 2022 midterms in which a Republican red wave did not manifest.

In a lengthy thread from the 64-year-old conservative actress, Heaton tweeted to her hundreds of thousands of followers that “For those of you who are Christians and who feel disappointed or despairing of the election results, it is a blessing to be reminded that our security does not rest in men or governments, which are finite and will eventually crumble, but in God alone who is ever sustaining,”

One Twitter user asked Heaton “If the press had purposely mislead” Republicans with talks before Tuesday of a Red Tsunami. You’re right, we can never put our faith in politicians. I am more and more disappointed with each election, each one is worse than the previous. God help our country.”  Heaton replied “ I think it is helpful to develop a healthy skepticism of all things media and politics. Never buy into what you are being fed by these folks.”

There needs to be more celebrities, and leaders coming out and showing people that it is ok to be public about their faith. Maybe it will help cure the culture we are living in now and help guide Americans back to the way things used to be. Things are focused too much on hate right now, and it feels like America has lost her way, so please never be ashamed to share your faith, and help bring back the America we all miss.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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