BOOM! Rand Paul Goes In For The KILLSHOT on Fauci after he “caused seven million people to die”

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Everyone in the country knows who Anthony Fauci is and what role he plays, but Rand Paul’s bold statement on Thursday is bringing new meaning to his name. Paul laid into Fauci on LIVE TV declaring Fauci’s directly linked to funding research that cost millions of lives – behavior similarly replicated in some of the worst dictators of the world. Is this enough evidence to indict him? Only time (and maybe a courtroom) will tell! It looks like Fauci won’t be able to get away with this scot-free! Wait until you see this report!

Rand Paul’s not one to mince words: he went in for the KILL SHOT this week against Dr. Anthony Fauci after Fauci appeared in a Washington Post interview claiming he was a “hero” and could not think of anything he did wrong. Rand Paul isn’t letting him off that easily – he is adamant that Fauci funded dangerous research that ultimately caused the deaths of seven million people, and Rand Paul absolutely won’t let him get away with it! Whether Rand Paul pulls it off or not, we can all agree on one thing: Rand Paul certainly isn’t afraid to aim high.

SOURCE 1. Summit News reports, Rand Paul said Thursday that Anthony Fauci funded dangerous research that probably killed millions of people, and that he “won’t get away.” He made the comments on live TV with Jesse Watters.

According to Rand Paul, there are no public health figures who have made a more costly error of judgment than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Watter’s went further climbing Fauci committed “involuntary manslaughter”

Senator Paul made the comments after Fauci appeared in a fawning Washington Post interview, which labeled him a hero, he said was a victim, and couldn’t think of anything he did wrong then blamed Trump for triggering a lot of hostility against him.

During the same interview Fauci was asked about combating “misinformation” claiming he was outgunned.

Senator Rand Paul is on the attack, and he’s making it clear Anthony Fauci will not be let off the hook lightly. Paul is calling out Fauci for the “dangerous research” he funded that allegedly caused seven million people to die, and Paul proclaimed there are no public health figures who have made a more costly “error of judgment” than Fauci. This high-stakes accusation comes after Fauci’s fawning Washington Post interview, where he was labeled a “hero” yet couldn’t name one thing he did wrong or how he had been outgunned by misinformation. Rand Paul’s critique has prompted Jesse Watters to question if Fauci might be guilty of “involuntary manslaughter”. Paul appears determined to hold Fauci accountable and prove whether or not his negligence deserves further punishment.

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