CONSUMER ALERT: 8 in 10 Americans Have Fallen Victim To This Horrific Event – Are You One Of Them?

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The overwhelming majority of Americans have had a run in with a criminal, when it comes to their packages being delivered, then stolen. 

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Most Americans make regular purchases through Amazon, and other major online retailers and have the packages delivered to the front door of their homes. It has become a growing trend for thieves to steal those packages, and the trend is only increasing. 

Fox 6 reports. When it comes to consumer FOMO, supply chain issues aren’t the only problem. Millions of residents have been anxious about package thieves.  

An estimated 260 million packages were stolen from U.S. porches in 2022, according to SafeWise and Cove Home Security. In fact, that alarming number has increased by 50 million since last year.  


Just like with package thefts flash mobs looting stores has become more and more common.

Memphis news 3 wrote. The Memphis police are searching for burglars who stole around $100,000 worth of items from a street wear store last Christmas season. One of the owners of ‘Bad Timing’, Nate Packard, said the store’s alarm alerted him at 2 a.m. when the crooks broke out their front door.


Welcome to Joe Biden’s America. Package thefts, high gas prices, soaring inflation, and flash mobs looting stores. Sounds like an opening credit scene from some post apocalyptic movie where a zombie bug got out and the world is ending. The leftist controlled cities need to stop focusing on virtue signaling and more on prosecuting criminals, the crime increase is squarely on their shoulders. Their soft on crime policies are doing nobody favors, and they need to get back to the old days of actually enforcing the law.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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