Federal Court Mandates Final Respects To Aborted Babies

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A federal court has just given hope to millions of pro life people across the country as they are now forcing abortion clinics to comply with their ruling.

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The liberals want to say that an unborn baby is just a clump of cells, but those of us on the right know they are living beings that deserve the respect that every life form deserves.

Newsmax reported. A federal appeals court reinstated a law Monday requiring medical providers to bury or cremate aborted babies’ remains. According to Judge Frank Easterbrook of the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals, the 2016 law violates the First Amendment for those who do not believe unborn babies have the same rights as born babies.

Federal judge Easterbrook wrote in his decision. “Instead of remanding with instructions to tailor the relief to the violation, we reverse outright — because there is no violation. Statutes that require people to disobey sincerely held religious beliefs can pose difficult analytical challenges. But Indiana does not require any woman who has obtained an abortion to violate any belief, religious or secular. The cremate-or-bury directive applies only to hospitals and clinics, Before enactment of these statutes, it had been common for medical providers to place fetal remains in the garbage (‘medical waste’). The Supreme Court concluded in Box that the state is entitled to end that practice. The district court’s needlessly broad injunction treats the statute as invalid across the board (that is, on its face rather than as applied), which effectively countermands the Supreme Court’s decision for the entire population of Indiana. This offends the principle that relief should be no greater than necessary to protect the rights of the prevailing litigants.”

Todd Rokita, the attorney general of Indiana, called the decision a win for decency. He stated in a press release. “ The bodies of unborn babies are more than mere medical waste to be tossed out with trash. They are human beings who deserve the dignity of cremation or burial. The appellate court’s decision is a win for basic decency,”

The reason for this lawsuit is appalling. 

Breitbart reported. Women’s Med Group abortion clinic in Indianapolis, its owner, two nurse practitioners who work at the clinic, and three women filed a lawsuit against the fetal remains law in 2020.

Rupali Sharma, senior counsel at the New York-based Lawyering Project, which represents the group, said in a statement: “We are currently exploring all options with plaintiffs to ensure abortion patients can get the care they need with the dignity they deserve.”

In its lawsuit, the group claimed Indiana’s abortion and miscarriage requirements caused both women “shame, stigma, anguish, and anger” because they “send the unmistakable message that someone who has had an abortion or miscarriage is responsible for the death of a person.”

For the abortion clinics to just toss baby remains in a trash bag in a dumpster is just evil. There are laws in almost every state that deny veterinary clinics from doing that, but for unborn babies it is perfectly ok. Thankfully there was a federal judge that appreciated the sanctity of life, and making sure that those unfortunate babies are given the respect they deserve is incredible to see. 

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Next News Network Team

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