PRISON TIME! Massive FALLOUT After “Twitter Files” Drop – HEADS ARE ABOUT TO ROLL!

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The Twitter Files Dropped on Friday, and now that the dust has settled a bit we can take a step back and look at the devastating fallout Elon’s revelations are having on former Executives, how the Corporate media is reacting, but most importantly, the clear violations of the Constitution initiated by members of our own government as they colluded with Twitter to manipulate reality to interfere in our electoral process. There is a lot to unpack in this report so, sit back and prepare to let all of this explosive information sink in.

Where do I even begin? As Brian and I were going to press on Friday we awaited the Twitter Files to drop regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, and they did. However it was hard to follow because it was a 30 plus tweet thread posted by journalist Matt Taibbi that he drip fed to millions of people following Elon’s announcement. As it unfolded I was absolutely beside myself as the revelations confirmed our worst suspicions.

Not only did Twitter actively suppress critical information, the public had a right to know, but top officials in the DNC, and the “Biden Team” worked overtime flagging American’s voices to turn the tide of an election.

In a twitter Space live interview Musk declared the DNC was interfering in the election.

Now people are calling for Prison Time for former twitter executives, GOP officials are launching investigations, and the corporate media is trying desperately to sweep it all under the rug for their friends at the DNC.

Epoch Times reports, Elon Musk suggested that Twitter was acting under government orders to suppress free speech, following the release of a trove of documents that shed light on some of the social media platform’s censorship schemes around the 2020 presidential elections.

Musk said in a tweet late Friday, “Twitter acting by itself to suppress free speech is not a 1st amendment violation, but acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech, with no judicial review, is,”

Musk’s comments follow Friday’s news that Twitter staff suppressed the New York Post’s explosive Hunter Biden laptop story through a series of internal communications.

One of the Twitter executives at the center of the scandal is the former Legal Head of the social media platform, Vijaya Gadde, and people are calling for her to be sent to prison for interfering in the election.

According to Rebel News (Australia) chief Avi Yemini, “Vijaya Gadde belongs in jail for election meddling.”

Media personality Caitlyn Jenner tweeted, “Investigate, subpoena, indict, and criminally charge Vijaya Gadde for treason!”  

Vic DeGrammont, the CEO of Loud Profits asked, “How much time passes before Vijaya Gadde goes to prison?”

John Curtis, a popular Twitter user, said, “We all knew long ago that people like Vijaya Gadde shouldn’t have been in a position of power at twitter but rather in a jail cell.”

In addition to Gadde, Yoel Roth, former Head of Trust & Safety at Twitter, also justified gutting the Hunter Biden story. One Twitter user pointed out that Roth “reportedly lied to the FEC.”

He tweeted:

“Yoel Roth reportedly lied to the FEC by signing a disclosure document saying intel officials told Twitter Hunter Biden was hacked. The Twitter files say the Government didn’t warn Roth and the NY Post’s Hunter story was censored by Vijaya Gadde. Roth and Gadde belong in prison.”

As long as we’re talking about Roth, on a Knight Foundation panel, Former Twitter censor defended Twitter’s decision to ban satirical website The Babylon Bee, claiming its content was “not funny” and “dangerous.”

As the GOP takes control of the House, investigations into Biden and the DNC are intensifying. Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s chief censor, is soon to face a Judiciary Committee investigation, the New York Post reports. 

According to a spokesperson for the committee, “We’re tracking Vijaya Gadde’s role in the suppression of the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop. We absolutely plan to investigate this more. Stay tuned.”

It is worth noting that following Gadde’s censorship of the New York Post story, she was appointed to the Biden-Harris Regime’s Committee for “Combating Misinformation and Disinformation.”

On the Senate side, in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, Senator Ron Johnson said Elon Musk’s admission of censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop was “just part of a much larger story” about conservatives in the US being censored.

FOX was the only news outlet reporting the facts on the Twitter Files, while the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, and ABC News ignored the story.

Prompting Musk to Tweet, “That is because The New York Times has become, for all intents and purposes, an unregistered lobbying firm for far left politicians.”

Town Hall notes, the first set of Twitter Files was downplayed by CNN as simply “internal discussions” about how to handle “Russian disinformation” rather than what it was: censorship of a major story to protect Joe Biden.

Musk responded to the media downplaying the bombshell during his “Twitter Space” saying they’re doing so because “they were complicit in lying to the American public.

But perhaps one of the most heartbreaking and empowering moments following the Twitter Files drop was when one of the affected parties, actor James Woods appeared with Tucker Carlson detailing the real harm caused to him because of Twitter’s censorship of his Free Speech.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, my friends. When lawsuits and investigations begin, and the DNC and Biden administration are sworn in, we will learn that the same requests they sent to twitter also went to Google, YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook. We are only just beginning to peel back the layers of the onion. The horror we suspected has now become reality. To swing an election, the government and political parties suppressed your free speech. We have never seen such clear evidence of “election interference” before. Now is the time for people to go to jail and for free and open speech to once again rule.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

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