COUNTDOWN BEGINS: Kari Lake Makes Aggressive Move After Arizona Officially Certifies Midterm Election Results

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Just when you thought the situation in Arizona was tense, it’s becoming even more dire. On Monday, top officials officially certified the midterm election results, declaring Democrat Katie Hobbs as the winner. Now the clock is ticking as this has opened a five-day window for Republican candidate Kari Lake to file an election challenge and potentially try to overturn a race that has already been called. With such important matters at hand, it’s crucial that decisive action is taken before the situation spirals out of control. Stay tuned to see what happens next in Arizona’s full electoral chaos!

There were few issues with election results around the country, but Arizona seemed to be an exception. The case of Cochise County in Southeastern Arizona was especially evident when the deadline passed last week and a judge intervened on Friday to force the matter to be heard. A lawsuit is expected to be filed by Kari Lake, who lost the election for governor against Katie Hobbs because 17,000 untabulated ballots had to be counted at the elections department headquarters. Katie Hobbs’ own certification of victory has raised concerns among Republicans, but Kari Lake’s lawsuit may be a true test of what happens next in Arizona.

The latest development in the 2020 Arizona midterm elections is nothing short of shocking: it appears the election was stolen from its rightful victor, Kari Lake. On Monday night, Kari told Tucker Carlson that she was confident she would win if all votes were counted accurately. Sadly, that was not the case – her opponent Katie Hobbs’ team engaged in election interference by colluding with Twitter to have Hobb’s critics silenced. With evidence mounting against a corrupt election process, Kari and her team are now taking action and drawing up lawsuits to challenge the results of this crucial race.

Something needs to be done to ensure these elections are fair and democratic and Lake is fighting that battle. The recent revelations of Katie Hobbs abusing her power to silence opponent Kari Lake have further amplified the tense situation surrounding the Arizona midterm elections. But despite this setback, there is still hope; a five-day window for formal election challenges has opened, giving Kari Lake an opportunity to fight back. She has acted aggressively in response by filing a lawsuit against the certification of Democrat Katie Hobbs’ victory, urging that something be done before it’s too late. The clock is ticking and all eyes are on the state of Arizona as we anxiously await the outcome of this unprecedented situation.

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