You Won’t Believe What CNN Says About Black People Eating Mac and Cheese and Religious Liberty

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Everyone loves macaroni and cheese – even better when it’s perfected with special modifications! I’ve mastered the Kraft recipe by adding garlic salt to the water, doubling the butter, using whole milk, adding “Big Daddy Mac Powder,” and simmering into a smooth cream sauce. For an extra protein kick, I cook and crumble ground beef and add it to the cheese before adding the noodles. With these key ingredients, my family has been in for a gourmet treat for many years! And don’t forget about presentation – who said art isn’t on the plate?
Now CNN Tonight’s host has taken their racist narrative to a whole new level if you call your food art, and it’s probably the dumbest thing you’ll ever see on the network.

CNN Tonight host Laura Coates recently made one of the most foolish comments CNN has ever produced – and that shockingly is saying something. Coates brought up a wildly inappropriate comparison between bakers and wedding website designers being required to furnish their services to same-sex “weddings” and restaurant owners asserting they’re artists refusing to serve Macaroni and Cheese to African Americans, gays or Jews. By equating these two situations, CNN is furthering their problematic narrative of racism towards minority sexual orientations. This type of thoughtless rhetoric needs to be called out for what it is: more casual bigotry given air time on a major news network. Any statements like this have no place in civil discourse – let alone CNN’s typically outraged nightly show.

Newsbusters reports, Lorie Smith, a graphic designer at the center of the Supreme Court case 303 Creative LLC v Elenis, was interviewed by CNN Tonight’s Laura Coates. Coates asked the ridiculous question, “at what point can someone claim to be an artist and not be one? My question really is, what is art?” And then she invoked macaroni and cheese.

Smith entertained the absurd question asserting her position to, “protect everyone’s right to speak freely.” And then Kristen Waggoner who serves as the president and general counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom stepped in to address the hosts’ pressing concern of withholding a black man’s right to Macaroni and Cheese.

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Cooking macaroni and cheese is a sacred art form, at least according to me. I’ve spent several late nights perfecting the Kraft recipe with my own little modifications – which really take it over the top – so CNN Tonight’s host Laura Coates’ comparison of making the golden dish to wedding website designers having to make same-sex “wedding websites” was nothing short of sacrilegious. CNN’s comparison didn’t just further their famously racist narrative, it completely undermined the culinary expertise of all Kraft chefs around the world – myself included, obviously. CNN’s ludicrous statement has no place in civil discourse or on screens while we eat this classic comfort food. We don’t want outrageous speech as our side dish; give us some serious respect for our passionate meal, CNN!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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