Cat Fight Erupts on The View Over Toxic Femininity

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Alyssa Farrah Griffin explodes on The View, after being attacked while making a statement that was supposed to empower women.

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The View is one of the worst liberal cesspool shows on television, it is a constant attack on every facet of normal American life, and the hosts continually spew hate against Christians, Republicans, and anyone that does not adhere to their strict world views.

Daily caller reports, During a discussion on toxic femininity, The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin accused her fellow co-host of attacking her.

Griffin revealed that women are often “each other’s worst enemies,” despite making great strides, when it comes to the workplace and outings. The co-host then took a shot at Griffin for having previously worked with Kellyanne Conway under former president Donald Trump.

Let’s see the exchange.

This is not the only time where chaos has erupted on The View.

Daily wire reports.  ““The View” host Joy Behar seemed to forget that the 2017 congressional baseball shooting — in which a Bernie Sanders supporter from Illinois opened fire on a Republican practice for an annual congressional baseball game — nearly killed Rep. House Freedom Caucus members who were targeted by the lunatic Democrat.

Behar and her co-hosts were discussing politically-motivated violence — in the context of the alleged attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul — and Behar was clearly puzzled when Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin mentioned the shooting.

Watch here.

The view is a cesspool of liberalism, plain and simple. They are willing to spout far left ideals, and shut down any attempt to remind their audience that decent people exist on the right. Even when it comes to talking about how toxic a work environment can become, they used it as an excuse to further attack Republicans. It is beyond understanding how a show like this even has an audience, yet enough people still tune into it that it remains on the air. We have covered an abundance of clips from that show, and their sick twisted attempts to lie, manipulate, and outright blatant attempts to brainwash their viewership into the woke mindset. We hope the viewership tanks soon, so the show will no longer be on air. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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