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Finally! A new study has come out from a major online resource that is announcing the coming death of woke corporate policies.

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For years now we have seen the massive shift of corporate America to embrace the Woke mindset. And it has been blowing up in their faces. 

Daily wire reports, According to research from Glassdoor, corporate America is less enthusiastic about diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

The company review platform found that 41% of workplaces offered diversity programs as a benefit, a decline from 43% in 2021. Enthusiasm for such programs rose after the death of George Floyd and a resultant surge in social justice activism; 39% of companies offered diversity programs in 2020, compared to 29% in 2019.

Across the country woke corporations are experiencing their worst years, and some are closing their doors, while others are being sued for using racial identity for their hiring process. 

Daily caller writes, A white sign language interpreter is suing Disney’s hit broadway show “The Lion King” after he was allegedly fired due to the color of his skin, he told Fox News.

American sign language interpreter Keith Wann is seeking to reclaim lost payments after allegedly being denied work on account of his whiteness, his lawyer, Josh Pepper, told “Fox & Friends.” The ASL expert, who would have been offered $1,000 per show, said he is suing because “wrong is wrong.”

Let’s see.

We have seen it for a while now, reports of corporate sales declining, massive layoffs at CNN, Disney, Facebook, and the termination of half of Twitters employees, these and many other examples of Americans overwhelmingly rejecting the woke ideology; and their refusal to support woke companies. This open rejection has led many corporate giants, as noted by Glassdoor’s report, to start stepping back from the extreme leftist ideals. But this needs to go further, not hiring someone because of their skin color is flat out against labor laws, yet the liberal groups are encouraging this. Additionally these same people are pushing a culture war into every facet of American life, and they are using cancel culture to punish anyone who stands in their way. We need to continue our fight against the insane tactics being used by the left, and bring America back to what she once was. Only you can do this, keep up the good work, it may not seem like it, but we are winning.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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