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A critical medicine is now in short supply according to the FDA and it is making doctors, and parents extremely concerned. 

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The FDA has just announced a new medicine that is in shockingly short supply, and it is leaving our children exposed to medical ailments. 

Fox news report,. In the midst of so many shortages in the United States over the past year or more, there is yet another shortage for American parents: amoxicillin, an antibiotic used to treat bacteria.

According to, a health information website, amoxicillin is commonly prescribed for children’s infections.

The FDA recently added amoxicillin to its list of drugs experiencing shortages.


Lawmakers are now taking a very close look at the shortage of the critical medicine.

Fox news reports,  The amoxicillin shortage under President Biden could “devastate” the American healthcare system, according to Republican legislators.

Several GOP members of the Doctors Caucus expressed concerns about the shortage of antibiotics that treat pneumonia, bronchitis, and other bacteria-related infections. One of the co-chairmen of the GOP Doctors Caucus, Representative Brad Wenstrup, told Fox News Digital that “American families should not be worried about finding a simple and necessary antibiotic like amoxicillin.”

Wenstrup continued, “Just last month, my family experienced this problem firsthand when amoxicillin was completely unavailable for my five-year-old daughter, This shortage is emblematic of the difficulties the country faced sourcing needed medical supplies during COVID19, which is why I introduced the American Made Medicine Act.”

As he continued, Wenstrup explained how our dependence on Chinese medicine has led us to this crisis. “Our government, Congress and the White House must cooperate to strengthen the domestic supply chain so that our health and national security are independent,” he said, pointing out that “China has created a virtual monopoly on pharmaceutical ingredients and routine medications.”

In addition to harming our health and safety, our complete dependence on imported medicine is detrimental to our nation. Republican lawmakers appealed to the Biden administration to use executive and congressional power to shift the production of medicines to domestic sources and ensure our nation can withstand future supply chain shortages. During the pandemic, the Biden administration diverted critical funds and resources from hospitals and frontline healthcare workers into PR campaigns that contributed to the crisis. A similar situation occurred during the continuing baby formula shortage, and we all remember how badly the Biden administration failed there as well. We need a strong leader like Donald Trump in office who will help this nation regain our independence from foreign whims, and protect our children.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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