James Cameron: Testosterone is A TOXIN

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According to James Cameron there is a very toxic substance in your body that everyone needs to be aware of, and work to get rid of.

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Apparently God was wrong when the creator designed how males and females worked in creating hormones. As now the Woke Elitist hollywood director is claiming that testosterone is a toxin, and needs to be removed. 

Washington Examiner reports, James Cameron recently claimed that testosterone is a “toxin” that needs to be eliminated from the body.

In the interview, Cameron added, “I always think of testosterone as a toxicity that has to be gradually worked out of the system.” He continued, “I wouldn’t do many of the things I did earlier – career-wise, and life risks that you take as a wild, testosterone-poisoned young man,” 

His comments were in reference to his battles with Disney executives over budgeting and earning potential. According to him, he no longer shouts at the executives with F-bombs.

Cameron’s comments evoked a reaction from social media, even garnering a response from new Twitter owner and billionaire Elon Musk.

The critical Drinker tweeted “ This is not filling me with optimism for Avatar 2” in which a comment from Elon Musk can be seen stating “Testosterone Rocks Not gonna Lie.”

This news comes after Disney has announced serious consequences for them going woke. 

Daily wire reports, Disney CEO Bob Iger remarked during a town hall event with employees that he desires to advance social causes in a more subdued fashion after the entertainment conglomerate publicly battled Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis earlier this year.

When asked about the famous battle Ceo Iger responded with this. Watch.

According to Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo, Iger claimed that Disney’s social issues aren’t inherently political, but he acknowledged that pushing Left-wing values had backfired. 


Apparently James Cameron doesn’t like evolution. It is a sad state of affairs that the liberal elites are making such a move to get rid of a positive male image, and replacing it with gender fluidity, and telling young children that growing up showing any of the heredity male tendencies is a bad thing. For millions of years testosterone has helped fuel survival, making the human race survive and thrive in an environment that was not always hospitable for the growth of humanity. Now, in accordance with the globalist agenda, men are being told to not be men, and it is being pushed with as much vigor as they can muster. If the elitists have it their way, before long men will cease to be men, and society will end. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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