The Funniest (Saddest) thing you will see today! Joe Biden messes up big time at Factory Tour in AZ

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It’s never too late to go back to school and perhaps that is exactly what is in order for Joe Biden after he failed the grade miserably during his trip to a Semiconductor factory yesterday.

Joe Biden’s visit to Phoenix on Tuesday did nothing to improve spirits in the state of Arizona as it continues to deal with ongoing struggles. From a long-standing crisis at the borders, caused by the Biden administration’s open borders debacle, to damaging electoral controversies, the President only added salt to the wound with his latest gaffe. With tensions high in Arizona and Mr. Biden paying the state a visit, many were left feeling exasperated that his infamous habit of speaking without considering potential consequences was being showcased once again. Unfortunately, it seems this visit has become just another reminder of Arizona’s continued woes.

Western Journal gives us the background reporting, the technology news website TechCrunch reported in November that Morris Chang, the founder of TSMC, announced the Taiwan-based company was expanding plans for a factory in north Phoenix. The factory is scheduled to begin production in 2024 after completion.

In addition to making five-nanometer chips, Chang said a three-nanometer chip is also planned for the site as part of a “phase two” expansion.

The purpose of Biden’s visit to Phoenix was to claim credit for the rise of TSMC in Arizona.

CNBC reported that 100,000 manufacturing jobs were lost in November, which is what Biden wanted Americans to forget during his speech.

Additionally, Biden wants Americans to forget the original TSMC deal from May 2020, when then-President Donald Trump was in office. The agreement to build the $12 billion factory was even hailed by CNN Business at the time as a “big win for the Trump administration.”

During his speech, Biden was unable to describe the very product the factory would be adding: The three-nanometer chip.

Just ahead of Biden’s trip to Arizona, as he was departing for the state, Biden defended himself from criticism that he should visit the border.

While confronted by reporters about his Arizona trip not involving plans to visit the southern border, Biden said, “There are more important things going on.”

More important things like perhaps learning how to pronounce nanometer?

Tuesday heralded the Biden visits to Phoenix, but Biden had already made a pitstop at an TSMC factory where he proclaimed his plans for revitalizing the country’s semiconductor industry. Unfortunately, Biden seemed unable to clearly explain the product that the factory was investing in: the three-nanometer chip. When Biden stumbled over his words, the crowd responded with laughter; though it’s unclear whether they were laughing with him or at him. Whatever their motivation was, Biden embarrassed himself and defended himself from criticism about avoiding a visit to the southern border by stating that other issues are more important. Certainly Biden’s announcement begs an honest question: is learning how to pronounce nanometer more important than visiting the border? Biden is inarguably an even bigger joke here than before.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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