WATCH: Kari Lake RIPS Into Joe Biden With 2 Words for Skipping Out on Visiting the Arizona Border 

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A great question was posed to Biden prior to his trip to Arizona yesterday concerning the Southern border crisis. To everyone’s surprise, he dismissed it as not important, even though there have been 2.3 million encounters during the last fiscal year where people have crossed the border. It might seem sensible that a chief executive take this with utmost seriousness, yet Biden gave us a bad answer instead. However Kari Lake had two torching words for old Joe after he showed America how much he really cares.

Live from Phoenix, Kerry Lake joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss her response to Biden dismissing the border crisis and she didn’t mince words. It would have been possible for Joe Biden to answer that question without actually saying what he did, but he has infuriated people because it now appears he doesn’t care about what’s going on down there. Kari Lake reacted by pointing out that Biden “Created the problem.”

Steve Doocy remarked, It’s true that White House officials and the communications team don’t think it would be a good thing for the president to stand alone at the border, but when you really break it down it could work out positively. Picture the president standing with members of the border patrol, looking across an unfinished wall, or into the river, sending a message that he actually does care about those seeking to enter our nation. Despite what some Republicans may suggest, having him on the border could make all the difference in shifting public opinion and inspiring a sense of that he’s actually taking steps towards an effective solution. And Kari Lake fired back that he’d, “e’d have to care about the people first”

Instead of visiting the border, Biden decided it was more important to embarrass America once again by taking credit for Trump’s work and then totally botching basic English.

During his speech, Biden was unable to pronounce the very product the factory would be creating: The three-nanometer chip.

I can guarantee you no one who has lost a loved one due to a fentanyl overdose is laughing at Joe’s disregard for the border crisis.

Biden’s seemingly frivolous trips to ice cream shops demonstrate how little he cares for the lives of those being affected by his own policies. Biden created the humanitarian crisis we see at the border today when he reversed President Trump’s policies that kept Americans safe shortly after taking office. Kari Lake, former Arizona Governor candidate, is showing real concern however.. Biden’s lack of regard for this crisis has infuriated many, as it appears evident that Biden doesn’t seem to care about what’s happening down there – despite it being caused by his own irresponsible inaction. Biden must make a point to address this issue and show some compassion towards those whom his decisions are impacting!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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