Republicans Send Letter DEMANDING Biden Fire Nonbinary Thief IMMEDIATELY

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Republicans are demanding the resignation of a non-binary Department of Energy (DOE) scientist who admitted stealing a suitcase from a luggage carousel at the Minneapolis airport.

Following the felony theft charges against Brinton, the DOE’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal was placed on leave, but GOP representatives are demanding more action.

A letter to DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm, obtained exclusively by, specifically called for resignations. Representatives including Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rep. Andy Biggs, and Rep. Nancy Mace have signed the initiative led by Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde.

The letter reads, “We demand the resignation of Sam Brinton, and we implore you to set aside petty politics and appoint only the most qualified and dedicated individuals to influence America’s energy sector.”

Non-binary drag queen Brinton, 34, admitted to taking a Vera Bradley suitcase that was not his at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on September 16 after lying to police.

When the DOE assistant flew from Washington, D.C. to Minneapolis, surveillance footage shows him leaving the airport with luggage from a carousel. In a hotel room, Brinton hid the owner’s belongings from the suitcase. It is estimated that the suitcase and its contents are worth $2,325 and Brinton has been seen using it on multiple trips to Washington DC since he stole it in September.

A felony theft charge could result in five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for Brinton. Hennepin County, Minnesota court is scheduled to hear Brinton’s case on December 19.

Republicans are rightly demanding that the Biden administration terminate the employment of Brinton. Allowing Brinton to remain in any government position is a clear violation of justice and equal treatment as it sets a dangerous precedent that rules do not apply to federal employees. The LGBTQ community must also be embarrassed by Brinton’s outrageous behavior and one cannot speculate what type of message this sends. It is important that justice is served and that the American people receive equal treatment regardless of gender identity or employment status.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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