IT BEGINS: The UPRISING Against The World Economic Forum’s “Climate Communism” 

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If you thought the Great Reset couldn’t get any realer, think again! The latest developments from the Netherlands show us why we should all be paying attention – because it’s a tale of shouting and scandal like none other. 

The Dutch people are up in arms over their government’s plans to shutter 3,000 small farms due to sweeping new reforms sponsored by none other than the World Economic Forum. In response, protests have been raging across several cities and town as people push back against what they deem is a ‘silent invasion’ that threatens their way of life. This Dutch uprising could be our last chance to put an end to globalist control and protect our food sovereignty.

Heavy machinery is being used by Dutch police to tip over tractors with farmers inside. Police drag protesters into black vans when they peacefully oppose machines. Chinese-style protest enforcement in a supposed liberal democracy.

Currently, Dutch farmers are protesting the eviction of 3,000 farms, and they are met with vicious repression by police. There was no breaking news coverage from the BBC, however. Clearly, the bias is criminal.

The situation in the Netherlands is escalating, with police unable to contain it. The farmers are fed up.

Amidst an energy crisis and massive inflation, food prices skyrocket, what should you do?

When you’re the Dutch government, you decide to force thousands of farmers out of business!

Within the EU, the new plans are part of a broader plan to protect fragile ecosystems from nitrogen pollution.

Even though the Dutch government has already stated that purchases will be mandated, if necessary, the purchases will apparently be made on generous terms.

Apparently, the Dutch state plans to seize 3000 privately owned farms by forcing them to sell their land, then shut them down.

It’s neither a conspiracy nor a theory that the Great Reset will transform global food consumption and production in the coming decades.

It’s truly alarming what the European Union is attempting to force on the Dutch people. A power grab under alluding environmentalism has, essentially, presented a declaration of war on 3,000 farmsteads and farmers in the Netherlands. It’s obvious this ‘reform’ is just pandering to the selfish whims of the World Economic Forum’s globalist elites. Fortunately, Dutch farmers are fighting back against such outrages by protesting fiercely, but tensions are beginning to rise as authority figures refuse to back down. History has shown us time and again why centralized control does not work; from disastrous Covid-19 policies to economic mismanagement – it is an irrefutable fact that unfettered control never yields positive results. The same holds true for these insane demands by the EU!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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