Parents OUTRAGED After Turning To Page 38 of American Girl’s New “Body Image” Book

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The American Girl Company is under some heavy fire after parents took one look inside their new “Body Image” book. Mama Bears are not happy with this new stunt the company tried to pull on their young girls.

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You may or may not know that the American Girl company has been in the news lately for their new “woke” agenda. They’re latest publication on promoting transgenderism on young girls did not sit well with parents and that’s an understatement. What’s next a transgender doll? But as you’re about to see, this new agenda is going to cost them big time.

Breitbart reports that American Girl is facing outrage over a book that promotes giving puberty blockers to children..

Bethany Mandel, a parent on Twitter, explained to non-parents, “a book for girls about body image that tells them they should make permanent and catastrophic changes to their bodies if they’re unhappy with them. Healthy message.”

According to The Christian Post, author Mel Hammond writes on page 38 that doctors may prescribe drugs for the prepubescent readers to halt puberty.

An excerpt from the page reads, according to the outlet, “If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity.”

Author Hammond writes that “being transgender is not an illness or something to be ashamed of.”

I’m not sure what will convince those liberals who deny these agendas are being pushed on our children if this isn’t convincing enough.

In light of reports circulating about the book, many women and other commentators took to social media to share their outrage.

One of those women conservative political commentator Allie Stuckey tweeted:

“Gone are the days when @American_Girl taught girls about history & femininity. Now they’re encouraging our daughters to hate their bodies, halt their puberty, & cut off their breasts in the name of “self-love.” Return your AG Christmas gifts asap.”

On FOX News record breaking late shot Greg Gutfeld tor into American Girl and gave his thoughts on why they were doing this.

American Girl is in for a rude awakening because parent and especially mothers that have been their base are going to be their ultimate demise, Fox News Contributor Mollie Hemingway said this on twitter, 

“Parents should know that American Girl guide books — which used to be pretty good — now promote dangerous gender ideology to little girls as young as 3. If you love your daughters, protect your daughters by avoiding this company.”

Mothers have been fundamental to the success of American Girl since its establishment more than forty years ago. After all, it’s parents who supply their children with the beloved dolls, books, and other accessories sold by the company. Unfortunately, it appears that American Girl didn’t think through their recent attempt to pander to certain left-wing social movements before implementing it – a mistake that is sure to backfire, as mothers across the country are not happy about this and are ready to take their support elsewhere. Evidently, in making this choice, American Girl has forgotten who has kept them afloat for so many years and may now suffer dire consequences due to this unwise move.

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