Walmart CEO Issues Heartbreaking Statement That Will Affect Millions of Shoppers

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Walmart customers were in for quite a shock recently when the company’s CEO Doug McMillon issued an emotional statement about how many of their shoppers will be impacted by future changes. He voiced concern that these changes will have an immense effect on people’s livelihoods and wallets, and it has definitely stirred up conversation among some of the millions of people who frequent the store. Many shoppers are left to wonder what is coming, and everyone seems keenly aware that this isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

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Walmart is getting ready to raise prices, and is even talking about closing stores over a rapid increase in shoplifting. Liberal policies, and rampant theft, and lack of engagement from local law enforcement is causing Walmart to re-think certain store locations as theft is skyrocketing. 

CNBC reports, In the United States, Walmart stores are struggling with an uptick in shoplifting that could result in higher prices and store closures if the problem persists, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said. In an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” he said that it is much higher than in the past.

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Ahead of the holiday season another type of theft is skyrocketing, causing millions of dollars in damages to retailers and homeowners. 

Fox 6 reports, There are more problems than supply chain issues when it comes to FOMO among consumers. Millions of residents have been anxious about package thieves.  

An estimated 260 million packages were stolen from U.S. porches in 2022, according to SafeWise and Cove Home Security. In fact, that alarming number has increased by 50 million since last year.  


In states across the country liberal lawmakers are reducing the penalties on shoplifting, and they are empowering lawlessness so much so that the nation’s largest retailer is talking about closing stores. With the unfortunate news that Walmart customers may soon incur the high cost of crime, store closures are coming and millions of shoppers will be affected. This sobering announcement from the CEO has the public discussing the drastic changes at the store, which could have huge implications for their wallets and livelihoods. Walmart clearly has had enough of liberal policies, shoplifting, and disengaged law enforcement and is taking action to sustain the business’s future. It is evident that the positions the company has taken on these issues will have far reaching consequences.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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