Are you KIDDING me? Joe Biden’s Admin Is About to Ban Fossil Fuel Use

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The Biden administration has been one of the most aggressive of all administrations when it comes to attacking the fossil fuel industry. And there is no end insight with this new ban of theirs.

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The Biden administration has been one of the most anti-fossil fuel administrations in history, implementing policies that have crippled our economy and cost us jobs. This time he is implementing a ban on fossil fuel use on federal buildings by the year 2030. What will be next? 

The Daily Caller report, on Wednesday, the Biden administration announced a new rule prohibiting fossil fuels from being used to power new or newly renovated federal buildings by 2030.

According to an Energy Department (DOE) memo, the new standards will force the government to use green energy to power its buildings. By 2025, government buildings, which account for roughly 25% of all federal carbon emissions, must also cut their on-site emissions by 90% compared to 2003.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in a statement said, “Ridding pollution from our buildings and adopting clean electricity are some of the most cost-effective and future-oriented solutions we have to combat climate change.” 

The Secretary seemed to attribute all these disasters we’ve had since the dawn of civilization to climate being “driven” solely by gas. Here she is last year on CNBC.

These people are ludacris trying to force everyone to jump on their bandwagon of green energy so they can continue to benefit financially.

In fact, the problem isn’t that Americans don’t see the benefits of green energy in the future; the problem is in their aggressive approach when people disagree with them. For instance when the administration caused gas prices to rise and people couldn’t afford gas, what did they tell Americans?

In June, the NRSC reported that gas prices had reached record highs on 27 of the last 28 days. Don’t expect Joe Biden or Senate Democrats to do anything about it. Because of their belief that record gas prices will help the country “transition” away from fossil fuels, they continue to ignore them.  

To boost solar power, Joe Biden invoked the rarely used Defense Production Act rather than increasing U.S. oil production.

It doesn’t matter to Joe Biden or Senate Democrats that Americans are canceling vacations because gas prices are too high. Their goal is to increase gas prices to force Americans to adopt the Green New Deal agenda.

It is obvious that Joe Biden and Senate Democrats do not understand the loss they are causing with their reckless agenda. The Democrats’ message to Americans is clear. If you can’t afford gas, stop complaining, get a second mortgage, and buy an electric car for $56,000.

Here is Blaze TV Mocking Pete Butigeg’s announcement of an electrical investment made by the government, to help people struggling with high gas prices.

If this administration truly wants to embrace green energy, they must recognize that it won’t happen overnight. Instead of attempting to win over the population with radical new policies, they should focus on gradually introducing more environmentally-friendly practices and regulations. This is a much more valuable approach than trying to make drastic changes in a short time span. In addition, force could never prove successful; a general attitude of respect needs to be maintained in order for people to support any kind of policy change. After all, we all know the saying – ‘you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’. We must remember this phrase when trying to make progress on implementing green energy efforts.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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