Thousands OVERRUN Border After 10,000 Illegals Caught in Just One Border Sector

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The southern border is overwhelmed, as the invasion of Illegal Immigrants are over running border crossing points and flooding into America. 

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Ever since Biden took office and overturned all of the Trump era policies, millions of Illegal Immigrants have come across the border and have overwhelmed law enforcement’s ability to stop them.

Breitbart reports, In the past week, Border Patrol agents from the Del Rio Sector apprehended nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants. Over 4,000 more are believed to have escaped without being caught.

During the last week, Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens reported apprehensions of 9,992 migrants. A further 4,232 migrants are known to have escaped. During the apprehension of nearly 10,000 migrants in the Del Rio Sector, agents encountered 22 large groups. A large group is defined as 100 or more migrants apprehended in a single crossing incident. According to Chief Owens, the Del Rio Sector leads the nation in apprehensions of large groups of migrants.

In an effort to help combat the Governor of Texas is taking extreme but necessary measures.

The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott invoked the Invasion Clauses, on November 15th, in an effort to address the unchecked immigration crisis at the southern border. 

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, continues to deny that there is any problem despite the growing problem and clear dissatisfaction.

Abbot has been fighting to secure the border since Biden failed to uphold his oath to protect our borders.


Abbott explained on Twitter that by treating illegal migration as an “invasion,” Texas would be able to tackle the problem with unprecedented vigor. 

He attached this list of power’s he now has to combat Biden’s border failures.

Both the National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety will be deployed to arrest those entering illegally, “repel” them, and turn them back.

A border wall will be constructed in multiple counties, gun boats will be deployed, and Mexican drug cartels will be designated foreign terrorist organizations, according to him.

Texas and other border states need to have national guard deployed on the border to help close the massively wide gaps created by the Biden Administrations failure to secure the border. Further we need a President, like Donald Trump, in office that will not work to thwart those governors who are working to help their people, but to work to enable those governors and do the duty that the constitution demands. Our nation is in crisis, and we just pray that we can recover when Biden is finally gone from office. 

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