Top Dem Turns On Biden – Says 2 Words to Joe That We’ve all Wanted To Say

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A Democrat Representative is sounding the alarm bell on the southern border, as it appears the Biden administration is not listening to anyone credible on the crisis at the border.

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Joe Biden’s southern border policies have allowed more than 2.4 million illegal immigrants to cross into the United States so far this year, and we are now beginning to see how this has happened. 

Daily caller report,. on Wednesday, Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas attacked the Biden administration for “tying up” the Department of Homeland Security and listening to immigration activists over law enforcement.

Let’s Watch.

Recently 4 Democrat senators attacked the Biden administration over the lax border policies. 

Washington Review wrote, there is growing concern among Senate Democrats that the Biden administration has not adequately prepared for the expected chaos upon ending Title 42, which allows noncitizens to be turned away immediately.

In a recent letter, Arizonans Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly, Montana’s Jon Tester, and New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan pressed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to explain how he would secure the southern border since Department of Homeland Security documents show the agency expects more noncitizens to cross illegally each day than Border Patrol agents.

The group of senators wrote in a letter to Secretary  Mayorkas on November 18th, they wrote, “ In Fiscal Year 2022, of the over 2.3 million individuals encountered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection  at the Southwest Border, just over 1 million were processed under the Title 42 authority… a sharp end to Title 42 would nonetheless significantly increase the number of migrants apprehended along the Southwest Border under Title 8. This is a fact that DHS itself concedes.”

That is a good start when it comes to Democrats calling out the Biden administration for the absolute failure to secure the southern border There needs to be a massive ground swell when it comes to holding the Administration accountable for the millions of illegal immigrants coming across, and the massive losses of life that have been directly caused by border crossings and the amount of drugs coming into America. There needs to be new leadership. We need Donald Trump back in office to help stop this massive influx of illegals into the country, we need a secure border, we need Trump.

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Next News Network Team

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