Biden’s Worst Nightmare TRIGGERED After GOP Makes Announcement

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Biden had better be prepared when the investigation into his biggest scandals begin here in a few short months.

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With the Democrats control of the house gone now, they are racing to push as many false charges they can on Donald Trump, but now as the Republicans are set to take power in the house they are preparing for investigations of their own.

Western journal reports, in the third year of Joe Biden’s failed presidency, Republicans have announced plans to investigate his administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, which resulted in the death of many American soldiers and the abandonment of nearly $7 billion worth of military equipment.

Having won control of the House of Representatives, Republicans have promised to investigate Biden’s numerous policy failures, starting with his Afghanistan strategy.

Rep. James Comer of Kentucky – the incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee – said the president must be held accountable for his administration’s reckless troop withdrawal.

Comer stated “It has been over a year since the Biden Administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal and the American people have not received any answers about this national security and humanitarian catastrophe, “

The opposition of the Biden Administration to this investigation will be met with the power of the gavel under a Republican majority, Comer promised. He stated “ We owe it to the American people to provide answers, transparency, and accountability. … We will leave no stone unturned as we seek answers for the American people.”

Comer was not done with just one letter, or a threat of an investigation. A litany of requests was sent out.

Axios reports, the incoming chairman sent off a series of scorching letters to the following administration officials, demanding documents and other information related to the Oversight Committee’s probe, those officials include Lloyd austin -The secretary of defense, Jake sullivan- national security advisor, Samantha Power administration of US agency for international development, Alejandro Mayorkas secretary of homeland security, General Mark Milley – chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and Antony Blinken- the secretary of state. 

Comer also requested information regarding the screening of Afghans who were relocated to the United States, as well as the declassification of certain documents so the public can understand why the troop withdrawal was so mishandled.

As the committee chairman noted, the Biden administration has repeatedly stonewalled Republicans seeking answers about Afghanistan.

Americans deserve answers into the botched withdrawal that cost American servicemembers their lives, as well as billions of dollars in lost equipment, and the complete loss of every strategic victory of the Americans over the last 20 years. Militarily the Afghan withdrawal was the largest military mess up in history, and one of the biggest embarrassments to the United States. Answers are owed, yet the Biden administration has covered up any possible leak of information into the planning and execution of the withdrawal, and it is beyond time for some answers. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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