BOOM! Intel Officers FREAK When They Learn 51 Subpoena’s Headed Their Way After “Twitter Files” Drop

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It looks like the fur is about to fly in D.C. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has just made an explosive promise to subpoena no less than 51 intelligence officers following reports revealing ‘Twitter Files’ on Hunter Biden. With this move the Republican senator is staking his position in a new and unexpected political showdown, leaving many wondering what could come out of it. Who will be dragged into this unprecedented affair? What juicy revelations will emerge? If one thing is certain, people should get ready for a bumpy ride as events unfold!

Republicans are playing hardball; game over for the liars. With the new Congress in 2023, full-blown investigations against the Biden family are going to be launched under Republican control and they won’t be taking any prisoners. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made it clear when he announced that he would subpoena no less than 51 Intelligence Officers who claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop contained signs of Russian disinformation. These people will have to present themselves to the Congress and when asked about their claims, have to answer under oath. There’s no escape now for those with something to hide: Republicans are finally getting a chance for payback in January 2023.

With the revelations coming out of Twitter with Elon Musk unmasking the corruption there, and the denials they made, Mccarthy declared his next step.

The 51 Intelligence Officers who signed that letter claiming Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation did us all a favor. As a result of their signatures, we are able to begin a detailed investigation to hold them all responsible.

It’s game over for the liars; they now have nowhere to hide and no escape from the impending doom that awaits them. With a Republican-controlled Congress in 2023, full-blown investigations will be launched against the Biden family and these former intelligence officers. Kevin McCarthy made it quite clear that he would be placing them under oath by subpoenaing no fewer than 51 of them! These 51 foolish souls – who signed that letter claiming Hunter’s laptop was actually Russian disinformation – did us all an incredible favor by setting this investigation into motion. We will get to witness Brennan, Clapper, and other liars step up to answer questions under oath. The truth will hopefully emerge with these allegations addressed and possibly justice served.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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