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What does Bill Gates know that we don’t? The billionaire philanthropist is prepping for the next “catastrophic contagion” – with a deadly virus simulation that specifically targets kids. 

By partnering with the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University, Gates is developing a pandemic drill that focuses on the life or death of our youth.

Bill Gates’ unsettling accuracy in predicting future pandemics is cause for alarm. He not only anticipated the Covid-19 pandemic by participating in “Event 201” — an global health exercise — but also conducted a “monkeypox preparedness exercise” that forecasted its emergence to the exact month. His capabilities are eerily impressive, but more worrying is his recent admission to his inner circle that he is developing another “catastrophic contagion” scenario. As his predictions have proved accurate thus far, the effects of yet another looming pandemic are unimaginable. We must prepare ourselves for whatever comes our way.

Gates and now former wife creepily smiled when he last told us to prepare for the next one.

The World Health Organization and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have just conducted a frightening global pandemic simulation of an outbreak far deadlier than SARS-CoV-2. Dubbed “Catastrophic Contagion,” the exercise showed that an even more infectious virus would disproportionately affect young people and children around the world. Three years prior, in October 2019, the two foundations ran another simulation named “Event 201,” which famously simulated the emergence and spread of a coronavirus strain originating near Brazil; a new Enterovirus strain was used in “Catastrophic Contagion” as its desktop simulation. 

“Catastrophic Contagion” made headlines when Bill Gates and other senior public health officials from six countries conducted a simulated virus outbreak in Brussels, Belgium on October 23, 2022. During the simulation, a fictional virus known as “Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome” was used to explore the impacts of an even higher fatality rate than that of COVID-19. It was certainly an ambitious yet eye-opening exercise that further raises the question, what are they not telling us?

Using a fake news anchor they painted a terrifying picture with erie music. The anchor proclaimed the, “most successful countries had full-time pandemic preparedness and response teams ”

When asked the software developer was asked how to prevent the next pandemic at the Munich Security Conference in 2022 Gate casually praised the draconian Australian model.

So with a little bit of absolute tyranny, and a dash of mandated experimental shots for all adults and children, Bill Gates, who is not a doctor, believes pandemics would vanish.

Ironically, a deadly new virus was created by gain-of-function experiments at Boston University. Can you tell me who thought this was a good idea? The experiment gave them a brand-new strain of Covid-19. Did it prove to be more deadly? Absolutely!

Researchers at BU infected laboratory mice with the original Omicron virus, causing a mild, non-fatal infection. But when they infected mice with their new, recombinant virus, called Omi-S, 80% died.

The unsettling reality is that a mysterious man of immense wealth, Bill Gates, knows something that we do not. While he is not a doctor, his creation of a deadly virus simulation targeting children in preparation for “the next one” paints a troubling picture. Despite the creepy smile made by Gates, and eerie music playing in the background with a fake news anchor, the billionaire philanthropist argued that absolute tyranny and mandatory experimental shots are what it would take to rid the world of pandemics. This vaguely echoes the gain-of-function experiments currently happening at Boston University with mice testing 80% mortality rates when infected with a new strain of virus. The prospect of an event occurring outside our control or knowledge makes life even more uncertain – will the new more deadly virus get out too? Gates’ new scenario leaves us uneasy about our future.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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