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George Soros is always one step ahead of everyone. While everyone recovers from the rollercoaster the midterms were, the democrat mega-donor wastes no time to lick his wounds.

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George Soros is one of the most powerful people in the world and he’s not afraid to use his power to get what he wants. I’m going to show you some evidence that he’s already started planning for the 2024 election and how he’s going to make sure he wins. It has never been a race against democrats, it’s always been a race against George Soros.

Newsbusters reports liberal billionaire George Soros is taking his title as the “largest donor” for the 2022 midterms to the next level by hinting that he’s prepared to buy the 2024 presidential election.

As reported by Politico on Dec. 7, Soros invested $50 million in his leftist super PAC, Democracy PAC, “adding to his already substantial investment in Democrats and candidates for the 2024 election cycle.” On top of the $128 million he spent during the 2022 midterm elections, this is an impressive amount.

The article notes that it is “the latest sign that Soros will continue to play an enormous role in Democratic campaign finance, particularly ahead of the next presidential election.” On Dec. 7, ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news shows, the talking heads ignored the report.

There certainly has to be a reason as to why top leftist news outlets do not want to bring attention to such news. 

If you asked voters who had more top donors during the midterms, I assure you the overwhelming majority would respond with democrats. George Soro’s always leads the way for democrats, is this what politics is all about? Who can raise the most amount of money?

The Hill reports wealthy Americans made a big contribution to down ballot candidates this midterm season.  

During the 2022 midterm election cycle, campaign spending soared. The OpenSecrets research group estimates that federal election spending increased by nearly $2 billion from 2018 to 2019.

A staggering $540 million was poured into this year’s elections by 10 wealthy individuals, according to OpenSecrets data. 

Many of these mega-donors gave their money to outside groups, such as super PACs, which can spend unlimited amounts on election ads.  

Approximately 62 percent of their contributions supported Republicans, who have received far more support from wealthy donors than Democrats leading up to November.  

George Soros at $128.5 million for Democrats

2. Richard Uihlein at $80.7 for Republicans

3. Kenneth Griffin at $68.6 million For Republicans

4. Jeff Yass at $47.3 million for Republicans

5. Timothy Mellon at $40 million for Republicans

6. Sam Bankman-Fried at $39.8 million for Democrats

7. Fred Eychaner at $35.8 million for Democrats

8. Stephen Schwarzman at $35.5 million for Republicans

9. Peter Thiel at $32.6 million for Republicans

10. Larry Ellison at $31 million for Republicans


Political power has always been found in unexpected places and it looks like one of the most current sources is corporate giants. These wealthy individuals donate substantial amounts to political parties, meaning they are able to exercise certain amounts of control over how a party behaves and reacts to certain policies. This is why George Soros has been such an influential figure across the world; his large donations give him incredible sway and have led politicians to be accountable for their actions towards his causes. It’s time we remind ourselves that money talks and will always talk in politics, and those with the deepest pockets possess the most influence.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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