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It’s happening!! Kari Lake has just delivered a revolutionary move that we can all celebrate by filing an election lawsuit in order to overturn the election results! Beating the deadline, Kari Lake utilized her cunning prowess and legal know-how to file the motion folks have been asking for. Advance what you believe in and make a difference – join Kari Lake in this monumental move toward overturning the Arizona election results and making history!

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake isn’t backing down to accept the results of the 2022 election in Arizona which declared Katie Hobbs as the victor. The political drama continues as Lake filed a major 70 page lawsuit Friday requesting that either she immediately be named the winner or the entire election be restarted. It’s an intriguing move, and there is no doubt that folks are anxious to see how this plays out and who will ultimately emerge victorious in this legal battle.

She tweeted, “Our sacred vote was trampled on. Every Arizonan should be furious, regardless of Party. My team has filed one of the strongest Election Lawsuits in history. Don’t let the Fake News spin their lies. Read the entire thing for yourself:”

On Real America’s Voice Kari detailed the depth of the lawsuit and said, according to her lawsuit, there were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes counted.

With the deadline looming, Kari Lake has pulled through in a major way. Supporters of Lake were shocked by the details provided in her 70-page lawsuit, which alleges that up to thousands of illegal votes were counted across Maricopa precincts and tens of thousands more failed signature verification. Lake is now seeking an official declaration of her win or a rerun of the election from Katie Hobbs and Stephen Richer, who oversee the County’s election infrastructure. This could be a game-changer for Arizona, and for citizens across the nation. Everyone can rejoice that progress may finally be made in restoring trust to our electoral systems.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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