LA Council Member Assaulted By Leftist Extremist

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A leftist extremist has attacked a Los Angeles City Council member all in front of children at a christmas event. 

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The holiday season is supposed to be full of cheer and well wishes, but not for this leftist group who sought out a LA City Councilmember, and attacked him in front of a room of children. 

The post millennial reports, Councilmember Kevin de León was allegedly assaulted by far-left activist Jason Reedy at the Lincoln Heights Holiday Celebration on Friday evening.

De León was headbutted by Reedy, a member of the extremist group People’s City Council, at the event.


Kevin De Leon’s office released a statement on the incident. “A group of so-called ‘activists’–who have been harssing my staff and me for more than a year– cornered and physically assaulted me, a staff member, and a volunteer during a holiday event on Friday evening,”

Reedy and his accomplices were disrupting a community toy giveaway and tree lighting ceremony prior to the altercation, and he attempted to flee to distract them from the children and families in attendance by shouting obscenities and disrupting the ceremony.

He also “violently elbowed” a female staffer, and injured a volunteer in addition to the headbutt. Reedy also “launched a pelvic thrust” at De León.

De León lamented that activists were turning verbal threats into physical violence through escalating political rhetoric.

‘Violence is not a form of free speech and acts like these have no place in politics or democracy,’ de León concluded, calling on fellow politicians to take action.

Activists around the world have become increasingly aggressive in their attempts to get headlines.

The Munich International Airport was temporarily closed last Thursday because of climate activists who glued themselves to the tarmac. 

According to local police, “a number of activists forced their way into the air security zone of the northern runway at Munich International Airport” and “glued themselves to a taxiway,” Townhall reports. 


Young activists with the “Last Generation” group — who believe climate change will make them among the last people to live on a survivable planet earth — caused the disruption at the same time similar demonstrations were taking place in Berlin and across Bavaria. 

In spite of the fact that their efforts did not actually cause any delays or cancellations at the Munich airport, as reported by Germany’s DW News, the climate group claimed that they glued themselves to the tarmac to “confront the causes of the climate catastrophe directly.”

The leftists who constantly call Republicans fascists in an attempt to degrade them are using fascistic tactics themselves to suppress the political oppositions view points and are additionally resorting to violence to get their way. That is not the way it should be, nor is it acceptable in a modern society. Imagine if it was a right wing person who attacked the council member, it would be 24/7 news coverage and there would be congressional hearings over it. But since it was a leftist activist who did the attack the mainstream media is silent, they refuse to acknowledge that their rhetoric is causing violence, and only condemn the right when things happen. This needs to change, and it needs to change now. America cannot survive with the escalation of political violence, and we hope cooler heads prevail. 

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