Biden’s Next Eco Attack Is Inside Of Your Home

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 Joe Biden’s EPA is now set to go after your kitchen appliances with a far ranging set of new rules. 

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With all of the insane policies coming out of the Biden administration it was just a matter of time before they set their sights on the appliances inside of your home. 

Western Journal reports, on Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed new rules that would restrict the use of refrigerators, air conditioning equipment, and heat pumps that utilize hydrofluorocarbons.

According to an agency press release, the proposed rule would restrict the use of HFCs in refrigeration units, air conditioning systems and heat pump equipment starting in 2025. As part of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which the Senate ratified in September, the agency intends to reduce production and consumption of HFCs by 85 percent by 2036.

As a result of the gasses’ ability to rapidly deplete the ozone layer and raise global temperatures, HFCs are classified as “super-pollutants” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Climate & Clean Air Coalition estimates that HFCs make up around 1 percent of all greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere.

Due to the proposed rule’s ability to improve the energy efficiency of cooling and heating appliances, consumers and manufacturers could save up to $8 billion between 2025 and 2050.

While the climate police are making moves across the world, some people are not taking any more of their tyranny/

The Dutch people are up in arms over their government’s plans to shutter 3,000 small farms due to sweeping new reforms sponsored by none other than the World Economic Forum. In response, protests have been raging across several cities and town as people push back against what they deem is a ‘silent invasion’ that threatens their way of life. This Dutch uprising could be our last chance to put an end to globalist control and protect our food sovereignty.

Heavy machinery is being used by Dutch police to tip over tractors with farmers inside. Police drag protesters into black vans when they peacefully oppose machines. Chinese-style protest enforcement in a supposed liberal democracy.

Currently, Dutch farmers are protesting the eviction of 3,000 farms, and they are met with vicious repression by police. There was no breaking news coverage from the BBC, however. Clearly, the bias is criminal.

It is clear that the people across the globe are as fed up as we are here at home. Since 1990 there has been a massive push to have more energy efficient appliances, and green everything. Despite this, now there are rampant black outs and massive power shortages. How can that be when everything is much more efficient than in the past. Clearly there is some funny business going on, and now they want to make sure that any new appliance you get has the green new deal’s stamp of approval on it. We desperately need Donald Trump back in office to end this foolishness, and bring our country back to viability. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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