BOOM! Reinforcements Arrive For Kari Lake After Top Senator Makes UNEXPECTED To Change The Election

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Breaking news! Kari Lake just received unexpected reinforcements for her election struggle after a top senator filed an unprecedented lawsuit seeking to nullify the results of Maricopa County’s election. And we have an update from Kari Lake for you in this report you do not want to miss, and will want to share widely. This second lawsuit could change everything – causing Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, to scramble in response. There’s only one thing certain: this is great news for Lake and a major twist in the race. All eyes are on Arizona.

Reinforcements have arrived for Kari Lake after top Senator Sonny Borrelli made an unexpected move to challenge the results of the Nov. 8 midterm elections and gubernatorial election in Maricopa County.

Borrelli, with assistance from the Mojave Republican Party, filed a lawsuit in Mojave County Superior Court against Katie Hobbs, Gates, and other Arizona officials. The move was met with enthusiasm from voters and senators statewide, as many saw it as an opportunity to get justice for those who feel their voices weren’t heard in the election process.

It’s no surprise that Kari Lake has received such a surge of relief and positivity in response to her suit – all eyes are now on the court proceedings to see if an outcome favorable to her will be ruled in favor.

Before we get to the details of the new lawsuit let’s get to Kari Lakes critical update.

Now back to that unexpected lawsuit. Epoch Times reports, on Tuesday morning, Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo criticized GOP state Sen. Sonny Borrelli’s filing on Twitter. According to him, Borrelli is “using our judicial system to continue the frivolous and ridiculous efforts to undermine our Democracy.”

According to his Twitter post the lawsuit is “wasting the taxpayers dollars and the courts time on unfounded conspiracy, stating the “Plaintiff and their attorneys must be held accountable.”

Reinforcements have arrived for Kari Lake in the form of a powerful move made by top Senator Sonny Borrelli to challenge the results of the Nov. 8 midterm elections and gubernatorial election in Maricopa County. The heat is on in Arizona as people all over the world watch what is happening, and it serves as an important reminder that we must have open, fair, and transparent elections nationwide if our republic is to survive. It starts in Arizona now that reinforcements have arrived for Kari Lake – a glimmer of good news for those praying for victory at the polls!

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