WOW! Newsom Finally Breaks, Turns On Biden over Border Failure

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After months of news coverage, a lot of government back and forth, and speculation of his own state’s limits- California Governor Newsom has finally reached his breaking point with the immigration issue. 

After weeks of news and ignoring the crisis at the border, Gavin News has broke, declaring that the federal administration is overwhelmingly filling California with immigrants. It looks like Newsoms dedication to blindly leaving the border open have finally boiled over; will this new development change things? 

As he arrived at the border this week, Newsom put out a video explaining that he was getting a sense of “what the world is going to look like post-Title 42.”

During his trip, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Newsom warned that California would experience an unsustainable flow of illegal immigrants once Joe Biden reverses the Title 42 policy.

Gavin Newsom told the local ABC News, “The fact is, what we’ve got right now is not working and is about to break in a post-42 world unless we take some responsibility and ownership.”

Title 42 is an Obama-era policy that enables law enforcement to quickly expel illegal immigrants.

Known for tweeting condemnations of Texas and Florida, whose Republican governors have transported busloads of illegal immigrants to liberal enclaves like Martha’s Vineyard and Washington, D.C., Newsom appears to be criticizing Biden’s immigration moves for the first time. As a result of his fight against President Trump’s immigration policies, Newsom increased his national profile as well.

Newsom’s admission about the border just goes to show that the crisis can no longer be ignored as Democrats are being forced to speak out about it. The Biden administration cannot end Title 42 without having a suitable plan as a replacement. Ending Title 42 in less than a week with multiple caravans consisting of thousands of illegal migrants on their way would have detrimental effects on our country. Joe Biden needs to swallow his pride and stop putting the border crisis on the backburner right now in the name of national security. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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