BREAKING: Disturbing Video Surfaces After National Guard Deploys in DC.

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This week, the nation’s capital made national headlines when the National Guard was deployed in Washington D.C. The sight of National Guard troops patrolling the streets raised many questions, and some disturbing theories. Why were they sent? Are there real threats to Americans’ safety? What could have happened to lead up to this? I have the answers to these burning questions, but one thing is for sure – these troops have arrived, and their presence isn’t sitting comfortably with many people in D.C. If you don’t believe me, we have this live video which will give you an idea of the tense atmosphere throughout the city right now.

The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit has caused a stir in the district, as Mayor Muriel Bowser requested National Guard assistance to ensure that the African Summit is secure.

The images of DC’s streets today remind of an occupied military force, with National Guardsmen dressed for duty as they prepare for their special procedure: The Metropolitan Police Department will be deputizing them to support the summit throughout this week.

The security of the event will have an influence on vehicular traffic and public transportation around the Washington Convention Center, in addition to pedestrians and parking during these days leading up to December 17th. The imposing presence of the DC National Guard may offer much needed assurance but looks a bit disturbing at the same time.

Andrew Leyden posted this disturbing image of a Secret Service drone hovering over the summit.

It’s no secret that Washington D.C. is one of the most politically-charged cities in the world, yet nothing could have prepared PenguinSix for the madness he documented during The African Summit. With 48 different leaders from around the world all converging on the city to meet with President Biden and Vice President Harris.

You can almost feel the tension in the air! It’s a complete traffic nightmare with motorcades zipping by and National Guard Humvees being deployed on every street corner near The Convention Center; let’s not even get started about anti-riot fences and SWAT teams! It certainly looks like security is ramped up to maximum, even a drone was hovering overhead – it’s been absolutely bonkers in Washington DC!

It is alarming to see so many military vehicles deployed on the streets in Washington, D.C., especially so soon after Mayor Muriel Bowser requested additional help from the National Guard for the upcoming U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. It appears that they can deploy the Guard for African officials, but not when Trump asked on January 6th. Despite this level of security being designated as a National Special Security Event by the Department of Homeland Security, locals have mixed reviews ranging from excitement to dismayment. From anti-riot fences and swat teams, to humvees and drones overhead – it looks like an occupying military force has arrived here in Washington and it is certainly raising some eyebrows.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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