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Stacey Abrams has recently denied that a baby has a heartbeat and that it was faked to shame mothers, well now there is a reply to her insanity.

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Stacey Abrams is one of the most far left people in this country. During her failed run for Governor of Georgia she told people that a good way to fight inflation was to abort babies, and is one of the strongest proponents of the anti-life movement.

Fox News reports, Pro-life advocates are outraged after the Associated Press rejected terms like “fetal heartbeat” and “late-term abortion” as journalistically acceptable.

The news agency announced Tuesday, “a new entry has been added to the stylebook” in what the company calls the “abortion topical guide.” According to the AP, reporting on fetal heartbeat bills and abortion bans at six weeks should avoid using these phrases since there are disagreements over what constitutes a heartbeat at different gestational ages..” 

Recently Stacey Abrams made claims that a fetal heartbeat was made up to scare women. Watch Clip1>>

But Kathleen Berchelmann recently joined Fox News to blast the fake news of no heartbeat existing. 


There has been a spattering of politicians recently who have made some insane statements about abortions, and how they could save the economy.

Daily caller writes, Governor Gretchen Whitmer had a closing pitch for voters: save abortion to save the economy. According to Daily Caller, the embattled governor believes Democrats shouldn’t choose between abortion and the economy on the campaign trail. The two issues are inextricably linked, according to her. 

According to Whitmer, Michigan could attract workers from neighboring states that limit abortion access if it protects abortion access. If the tide turns the other way, she predicts a mass exodus of workers from Michigan.

Let’s watch.

It is disgusting how the left wants to make life irrelevant. Every parent knows that life is sacred. It is evil for the left to make babies sound like clumps of cells without intrinsic value. In spite of this, the left continues to attack the sanctity of life on a daily basis. Across the country protests occurred after the SCOTUS ruling with people waving signs that had horrendous slogans on them talking about the killing of innocent children, and politicians push women to have abortions, even with those abortions causing life long mental scars. The left clearly cares little for humanity, and will stop at nothing to destroy the moral fabric of our society.  

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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