Biden in Hot Water After Saying He’ll Send YOUR MONEY to Random Country

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Biden’s latest move has everyone questioning his leadership capabilities. Biden recently announced a plan to send taxpayer money to a new country, and the backlash was fierce. Could Biden may be trying to curry favor with world leaders or even trying to score points for some grand global legacy? Because this decision certainly isn’t going to win him any local supporters.

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President Biden was criticized this week after pledging to send more taxpayer money to South Africa as part of his plan to help the country go green. Many argue that while they agree with a cleaner environment, the US should not be footing the bill for it. Instead, they argue that South Africa should fund the effort itself so that US citizens don’t have to pay for it through their taxes. This controversy is sure to keep discussions going around the topic of helping other countries with environmental issues. The African continent has more pressing issues than climate change.

Town Hall reports, Biden was criticized this week for promising to help South Africa go green with taxpayer money.

South Africa will receive funds to replace coal plants with renewable energy and bring clean hydrogen to the region, the president said at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum.

Here’s Biden announcing to Americans for the first time what they will be funding next.

Replacing coal plants in South Africa was only the beginning. The president for the first time gave the American people a level of transparency they had never seen before from this administration. He broke down just how generous our money will benefit Africa.

According to Reuters, the United States has partnered with Britain, France, Germany and the European Union to help South Africa finance a faster transition from coal.

The former British prime minister told the United Nations COP26 meeting in Glasgow that the initiative was valued at $8.5 billion and would help meet climate targets by “choking off international finance for coal”.

Statistically, South Africa emits 12th most greenhouse gasses in the world and is heavily reliant on old coal-fired power stations for electricity. The money will allow the country to meet its commitment to reduce emissions by 2030.

At the COP26 Global Climate Summit, Biden announced U.S. participation in the project with the European Commission President, who had first discussed it last week.

The president said the upgrades were needed to establish reliable infrastructure for trade. Critics disagreed.

Riley Moore tweeted: Joe Biden just pledged $8 billion of taxpayer money to shut down coal plants in South Africa. As if driving up your energy bills by shutting down coal plants at home wasn’t enough, they’re making you subsidize the same thing 8,000 miles away.

Another critic (Lebertarian Party NH) responded:

“Terrorizing Americans isn’t enough for them. They have to ruin the lives of people in other countries as well with the money they steal from us.”

It’s tough to stomach the fact that Washington is focused more on climate change than providing their own citizens with a better economy. While global leaders, like those in the western world, debate over whether or not the temperature of the planet is rising, many Africans don’t have proper housing or access to clean water. This all comes at a hefty cost to the American tax-payer, who are now shouldering the burden for an Administration that does seemingly everything except for addressing more pressing American issues. It’s become increasingly clear what kind of agenda they have – and most  of us aren’t buying it. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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