Fired Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan Delivers Final Remarks and Holds Nothing Back!

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What a way to go out! Fired Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan did not hold anything back in his final remarks – he was calling people out and delivering an uncensored burst of emotion as he closed the book on his political career. He had plenty to say and few would argue that one of the most inspirational aspects of his farewell speech was how he suddenly cared for America. You won’t want to miss this theatrical show.

Outgoing Rep. Tim Ryan used his final speech on the House floor to call out Democrats and Republicans in Congress for their dishonest behavior, referring to them as “scoundrels, crooks, liars.” Ryan’s harsh parting words reflected the lack of trust that many Americans have come to feel toward certain members of Congress in recent years. With this impassioned plea, he made it clear that if this continues down this path we as a nation will lose all that makes us great.

Washington Examiner Reports, fired Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan used his final speech on the House floor to attack Congress’s “scoundrels, crooks, and liars.”

The almost former congressman, who lost his Senate bid to Republican J.D. Vance last month, began his farewell speech by reciting the Constitution’s preamble.

Let us take a look at what the fired politician had to say as he pretended to care about our most sacred document. Shall we?

The congressman even had the audacity to remind his Democrat peers of the greatness of this country. It may come as a shock to most people, since almost all sitting democrat lawmakers constantly remind the people of the evils of this country.

Here’s a democrat praising America:

Moreover, Ryan urged Congress to work together to fix the many issues within the various systems he mentioned.

He said, “The systems are all broken — the economic system is broken, the immigration system is broken, the welfare system is broken, the education system is broken. We’re not going to fix these problems if we’re not decent to each other, if we don’t talk to each other.”

Then he continued by finally offering some solutions.

Having been first elected to Congress in 2002, he served 20 years there, mounting unsuccessful presidential campaigns in 2020 and 2022 as well as a Senate campaign.

Unfortunately, that’s his career summed up in one paragraph. Apparently, the congressman forgot which party he represented while naming the broken system. What a brave man to finally offer some words of wisdom after 20 years of occupying a Democrat seat.

As we witness Tim Ryan, a 20 year politician, say more good things about his country in the last 5 minutes of his career, Americans across the nation recognize it as nothing more than a self-serving theater performance. The true power and beauty of reflection is when you’re actually being held accountable – such as when getting fired from any job – to remind us who it is we are serving and remind politicians of the responsibility they have to their constituents. Maybe if more politicians were put at risk for getting booted like all the rest of us, then too would our country see an increase in better and honorable representation.

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Next News Network Team

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