Oregon Sheriff Vows to Not Enforce Gun Control Bill Passed by Legislature

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Passions have been running high after Oregon recently passed a strict gun control law, prompting a county sheriff to take an unusually strong stance against it.CTA News breaks every day here. Be the first to know when. Tap subscribe below to stay informed

The Oregon Sheriff declared that she would not take illegal and unconstitutional  actions if the law was put into effect, shaking up the discussion even further. While her statement has certainly stirred up debate, the impact of her words remains to be seen—will Oregon become the next battleground in a nationwide struggle over gun control laws?

According to Townhall, a sheriff in Oregon spoke out this week against a strict gun control law in the state that narrowly passed in the midterm elections this year. In her remarks, the sheriff said she would not enforce the law if it takes effect. 

The law, Measure 114, would require a permit and hands-on safety training and fingerprinting provided by law enforcement to buy a gun, which Townhall covered. In addition, the measure would prohibit the sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammo. It would not be illegal to own a gun without a permit, but a permit would be required by law to purchase one.

Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan had no issue stating she would not enforce the new draconian law. Watch


Citizens have also taken action to halt the new gun control measure.

Townhall notes, A lawsuit has been filed in Oregon to block an impending gun control measure. 

An Oregon Firearms Federation lawsuit was recently filed in federal court by a gun store owner, the Sherman County Sheriff, and the Oregon Firearms Federation. Townhall covered how gun sales skyrocketed in the state after the measure narrowly passed in the midterm elections.

The groups lawsuit has so far successfully stopped Measure 114 from being implemented, and the legal battle is still raging over the constitutionality of the said measure. But it is also worth noting that if this case reaches the Supreme Court, that earlier this year SCOTUS struck down a gun control law in New York, that was just as restrictive.

The liberals want nobody to be safe or allowed to own a gun. It is crystal clear that woke policies and liberal actions are in favor of the criminals, and are against law abiding citizens. Policy after policy comes out letting people out of jail, or not charging people with felonies; all the while making sure that people cannot defend themselves or their property. It is great to know that there are some patriot sheriffs left in liberal states that are willing to take up the fight like Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan.

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