The Hypocrisy of the Biden Administration: Sues Arizona for Protecting its Borders

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 In a shameful action the Biden administration has filed a federal lawsuit against the State of Arizona, just days before the protections of Title 42 are set to expire. Further exposing his administration’s failure to enforce the laws of America, and his actions to protect illegal immigrants.

Arizona has been building its own border wall for months using shipping containers to reinforce sections of the border, to help stop the tsunami of illegal immigrants crossing into the country. 

Townhall notes, earlier this week the Biden administration sued the state of Arizona over their construction of a border wall made out of shipping containers this year in an effort to stop the influx of illegal immigrants.

The lawsuit claims that the shipping containers are trespassing on federal land that the state is not authorized to use. The federal government argues that the makeshift wall makes public safety vulnerable as well as hindering law enforcement’s ability to do their jobs.

Reacting to the Biden administration’s lawsuit, former ICE Director Jonathan Fahey spoke on Fox News.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has stood fast on the need to protect his state’s residents from the massive overflow of illegal immigrants.

New York post reports, due to a record number of migrant encounters along the border in 2022, the Arizona governor ordered the construction of the shipping container wall.

Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, notified the DOJ on Tuesday that the state is “ready to cooperate with the federal government on the construction of a border wall,” and that work on the barrier has been halted. 

Ducey’s Spokesperson C.J. Karamargin stated “From our perspective, the containers were always intended to be a temporary solution to an ongoing problem and that’s the problem of an unsecure border,” 

Earlier this year, Ducey sued the heads of the Forest Service, Agriculture Department, and Bureau of Reclamation for permission to continue with the shipping container project.

The biden-admin has failed to recognize the importance of a strong border and their lawsuit against Arizona for using shipping containers in construction of their own border wall is an egregious demonstration of their disregard for the law. Just days before Title 42 protections set to expire, Biden has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block Arizona’s attempts to curb illegal immigration. These protective measures were implemented in response to the Trump administration’s long-overdue legislation protecting American citizens and communities from illegal immigrants, criminals and violence. Furthermore, Biden has outrageously sided with illegal immigrants, jeopardizing people’s safety in the process. It is time for the biden-admin to protect American citizens and demand a secure wall along our borders.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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