What You NEED to Know About the DHS Gag Order on Migrant Apprehension Numbers

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Breaking news: the Department of Homeland Security has reportedly set a gag order on migrant apprehension numbers at the border. This will essentially HIDE how many individuals are caught trying to cross, what makes this story even more interesting is that DHS employees aren’t allowed to talk about it. This will create even more madness and mystery surrounding an already tense issue.

Shockingly, the Customs and Border Protection issued a gag order on Monday to all of its managers that prohibits them from releasing any migrant apprehension statistics. This will cloak the true number of immigrants coming into our country from the public. It seems as though they are trying to hide Joe Biden’s crimes against us by prohibiting the release of any interim arrest statistics or success stories. We must stop this and fight for transparency about what is currently happening at our borders.

Breitbart reports exclusively that an unnamed source says the message is intended to curb routine disclosures of migrant apprehensions near the southern border. Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agents generally provide these via social media and comments to journalists. On Monday, the unprecedented directive was circulated and took effect immediately.

Under the title “DHS OPA guidance on social media coordination for the lifting of Title 42,” the order was issued. The order was later clarified to prohibit direct communications with outlets or platforms regarding the release of migrant apprehension statistics without DHS approval. The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Public Affairs is known as DHS OPA.

There has already been a noticeable lack of routine posts from several Border Patrol sectors on social media accounts as a result of the order. Weekly recaps of migrant crossing statistics and other notable enforcement actions are usually included in the content.

Prior to the policy change, on December 12, El Paso Chief Patrol Agent Peter Jaquez provided a weekend recap revealing a three-day average of more than 2,460 migrants entering the city.

Future apprehension data releases may be delayed and presented in a manner that minimizes the crisis’ effects, according to the source.

In a shocking move last week, the Biden regime implemented a gag order on all DHS information regarding the thousands of migrants crossing the border illegally. By doing so, it has effectively hidden these statistics from not only the public, but also rendered border patrol agents unable to document and report apprehensions. The aim is to conceal Joe Biden’s crimes against America in order to smuggle in more illegal aliens and control the ever-volatile narrative of open borders. Unfortunately, this surreptitious scheme is likely going to lead to complete chaos and overloading for our already fragile systems. This might just be Biden’s most nefarious coup de grace yet.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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