BREAKING: 5th Largest California County Inches Closer to Secession 

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It is an unbelievable situation, yet it seems to be gaining steam: California’s fifth-largest county inches closer to seeking secession from the Golden State and becoming a 51st state. Yes, that’s right. In this era of constant surprises and growing political contention, San Bernardino County may soon become its own jurisdiction – causing seismic shifts for the entire West Coast.

A majority of Californians voted for progressive leadership in November, but voters in one of the state’s most populous counties considered seceding.

According to ABC7, 2.2 million residents of San Bernardino County approved an advisory ballot proposal that directs local officials to study the possibility of secession. Politics and economic distress in California are evident in the razor-thin margin of victory.

The creation of a new state – the first since Hawaii in 1959 – is a longshot proposition for the county just east of Los Angeles that has experienced sharp cost of living increases. It would require the approval of both the California Legislature and Congress, which is highly unlikely.

Even so, it’s significant that the vote came from a racially and ethnically diverse county that’s politically mixed, as well as the fifth-most populous in the state by population and the largest by area in the nation. With 20,000 square miles of land, San Bernardino is larger than nine states.

Here’s ABC7 with more:

Since the proposal passed, the county will form a committee to conduct a funding analysis that compares San Bernardino to other counties – likely including members of the public and private sectors.

The passage of the proposal reflects the alienation that some voters feel toward a statehouse long dominated by Democrats who have made little progress on homelessness, soaring housing costs, and rising crime rates while residents pay among the highest taxes in the country. 

The California Legislature and congressional delegation are dominated by Democrats, and the state is known for its liberal policies on climate, health care, labor, and immigration, so the vote may be partly a reaction to those policies. 

San Bernardino County’s incredulous attempt to secede from California and become the 51st state is a shocking development which seems to be gaining traction. The recent passage of an advisory ballot in the county, which was approved by more than 2.2 million residents, hints at a deep-seated dissatisfaction with liberals in state government who have pushed outrageous policies that have been likened to communism. While such notion may conjure eye-rolls, this plan may be of great benefit to San Bernadino residents who feel oppressed by reoccurring taxation and encroaching state regulation. In any case, this will certainly not be the last time we hear about potential states’ rights movements within California’s borders.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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