VICTORY! Biden Caves to the Vax Tyrants, Signs Bill That EVERY US Serviceman Will Cheer

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Finally! After months of mandated tyranny, President Biden has reversed the mandate for our brave US servicemen and women. After much public outcry amongst the troops, Biden signed a defense bill removing mandates from our military’s regulations. There will certainly be an outpouring of joy and celebration as many are finally released from mandates that had been unfairly imposed upon them. It’s a victory for those who have been serving tirelessly and dedicating their lives to protect our nation, battling not only foreign enemies but now mandate tyranny itself!

With Joe Biden in office, mandates got pushed on our military. The president signed an $847 billion defense policy bill into law on Friday, ensuring that our troops are well equipped and paid for their services. But more notably than the increased budget of $45 billion is the fact that mandates for enlisted personnel have been lifted – a move that his own administration pushed for!  It looks like our servicemen and women will finally get the freedom of choice back – no matter what Biden and his team had been pushing for months.

On Fox News Ted Cruz argued Biden’s vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, illegal, and an abuse of power, and it is up to you and your doctor to decide whether to take the vaccine.

On Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, they noted Biden’s Three Major Vaccine “Mandates” Have Now All Been Blocked.

Now it is time to rehire all those in our armed forces who were fired because they refused the jab with full back pay. Something Donald Trump promised during his 2024 campaign announcement.

Politico notes, Republican lawmakers pushed hard to repeal the rule that forced thousands of personnel who refused the shot out of the military, arguing it hurt recruiting. Ultimately, Democrats on Capitol Hill agreed to scrap the mandate.

Republicans attacked the move, claiming it undermines the health and readiness of the military, but administration officials ultimately cited high vaccination rates as proof of its success.

However, the defense bill doesn’t prevent the Pentagon from issuing a new vaccine requirement in the coming months, so Defense secretary Lloyd Austin could implement a new policy after the old directive is repealed.

Victory is the latest on the military front, with the removal of the mandates after months of tyranny. President Biden has finally seen the error of his ways; the mandates have been declared unconstitutional, illegal and an abuse of power – thus liberating our troops from the unfair policy. After all the public outcry from the US servicemen and women, it is a true cause for celebration as the mandates are dead and gone. Those who were unjustly fired for refusing the jab should be reinstated to their posts with full back pay as soon as possible – a just reward for those who lead through example by standing up against tyranny. Victory at last!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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