Sen. Lankford DELINEATES On The Realities At Our Borders

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Sen. James Lankford has come forward to paint a Terrifying picture of what is happening at our nation’s southern border. His words come at a time when the humanitarian crisis engulfing our country is increasing in intensity each day. The senator believes that the current administration’s actions are not doing enough to address the tsunami of immigrants waiting to cross the border.

The senator used his platform on the Senate floor to shed light on the extreme crisis occurring at the southern border. During a debate over a proposed omnibus spending package, Lankford painted a grim picture of America’s immigration crisis. From systemic issues to the moral crisis created by an administration that has no sense of urgency to fix the dilemma. Lankford was forceful in his stance that something needs to be done to address these pressing issues without delay before it gets any worse.

DAILY Wire reports, Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma painted a frightening picture of what’s happening at the southern border during a debate on the Senate floor.

The senator began his speech by criticizing the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’) lassitude in reporting illegal immigration numbers.

Here is the senator expounding.

The Senator went on to declare, “To put it in perspective, what’s going on on our southern border, even before the Title 42 authority goes away … the Obama administration, the big year of the largest surge that happened on our southern border during the Obama administration was just over half a million people illegally crossed that year.”

The Senator continues on to talk about how even the Washington Post sees the chaos right in front of our eyes, how this was all by design.

According to Lankford, in 2022, “1.3 million people have crossed our border illegally, less than 70,000 have actually been deported this year. That is a record-low number.”

Lankford warned that Americans did not know who they were allowing into the country. “The American people believe there’s some kind of vetting happening coming across the border, there’s not.”

Fortunately, the supreme court stepped in on the 21st of December instead of allowing Title 42 to expire.

Politico reported, On Monday, Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily stayed a lower court decision requiring the Biden administration to lift the implementation of Title 42 by December 21.

Pressing pause on the expected wind-down of a federal directive that has prevented the entry of millions of migrants.

The picture the senator paints is one of worry and distress for all Americans. We understand the need for immigration to this nation and are sympathetic to those trying to make their lives better, but want it done in a legitimate, legal way. Unfortunately, our current policy can be seen as pursuing an agenda driven by malice and evil intent with countless innocent people getting caught in the middle. No one wants this; we must find a way to protect both citizens of this country and those wishing to become part of it in good faith. Allowing millions just because we can is not the answer. 

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Next News Network Team

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