CNN Finds Issue On The Extension of Title 42 on Behalf Of Illegals

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The left loves nothing more than fighting others battles, and the battle CNN has taken on behalf of illegal immigrants is no different. It’s ironic that they support closed borders in other countries, they have almost no qualm in supporting laws that would enable illegal entry into the United States — a blatant violation of American laws.

The news media has been relentless in their attempts to shield illegal immigrants from restrictions and consequences for their actions. A recent article from CNN is just the latest example of this tendency; complaining about the current temporary extension of Title 42 and their reason being, because it’s causing confusion among illegal immigrants. This law is supposed to ensure that illegal immigrants are caught and removed if they attempt to cross our border without proper authorization and the leftist media outlet is concerned about how the move makes the illegals feel. Okay… Nevermind what the lift will do to America,  what we should be concerned about is the feeling of the people breaking the law.

News Buster reports, on Monday, Chief Justice John Roberts extended Title 42, a pandemic-era policy that allowed for an immediate removal of illegal immigrants for public health reasons.

The CNN correspondent David Culver appeared on CNN This Morning on Tuesday and Wednesday to whine about the extension causing “confusion” for people trying to cross illegally into the U.S. as the border crisis raged and a flood of illegals awaited Title 42 to be lifted.

Here is the reporter complaining on behalf of the illegals.

What a complete and utter inconvenience for these illegal immigrants looking to cross our borders.

On Wednesday, the day Title 42 was due to expire, co-anchor Don Lemon expressed his desire for the policy to expire. If it isn’t lifted in the next week or so, what happens? “So what happens?” he questioned the reporter.

According to the reporter, “a lot of these migrants have traveled for several months just to get here, thinking the 21st” would be the day that Title 42 would be lifted. In addition, some of the illegals he spoke with planned to cross even if the policy was not lifted, further burdening the asylum-seeking process.

Although many fear the pain and pressure that Title 42’s lifting will bring, CNN is eagerly anticipating it. 

It’s heartbreaking to see that our country is so deeply divided and there seems to be no resolution in sight. The Left wants illegal immigrants to flood our borders, while the Right just wants to preserve the America we still have left. We can all agree that our nation is in desperate need of help, but there are two very different opinions on who should provide it. Despite their differences, the Left’s version is showing its determination by aggressively pushing at both the physical and figurative gates of America, determined to make its way in soon enough. It’s hard not to feel helpless with how influential those trying to impede on our national sovereignty are becoming, and all we can do for now is continue fighting for what we believe in.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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