BOOM! Kari Lake Dodges a Bullet After Judge Hands BIG Win Against Hobb’s KILLSHOT

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Kari Lake is surely celebrating her big win today, as an Arizona judge just issued a ruling that denied the request from incoming Gov. Katie Hobbs for sanctions against her. After Hobbs made headlines with her killshot, Lake managed to dodge the bullet and turn the tables on her opponent in the legal arena. The judge vociferously rejected defendants’ motions for attorney fees and sanctions, proving that Kari Lake would not be bullied or intimidated into accepting anything less than victory. Big props to Kari Lake who won this battle against all odds!

Kari Lake, the former Republican opponent of Democratic Arizona governor-elect Katie Hobbs, recently scored a major victory in Maricopa County Superior Court. Judge Peter Thompson denied the request from Hobbs to impose sanctions on Lake following her challenge to the 2022 Arizona election, which was quickly shut down by a state judge. And while Hobbs did receive monetary compensation to cover costs for retaining expert witnesses during the two-day legal battle, it wasn’t enough to offset what could have been a major setback. Given the circumstances, this unexpected ruling is clearly a big win for Kari Lake.

However we are learning now from Kari Lake’s War Room twitter account that the appeal has been filed.

They tweeted “We have filed our appeal. And we would VERY much like to talk about the issue of signature verification (or the complete and total lack thereof in Maricopa County) before the court.”

On Real America’s Voice Lake highlighted the scam process of signature verification.

This is a critical element of the case. First, who is this “EXPERT WITNESS”? Well, in the case of Maricopa County, the county chose Kenneth Mayer, an extremely “woke” man who has publicly expressed his contempt for President Trump and the Republican Party. 

His own tweets tell the story.

Despite being called an “expert witness” Kari Lake War room pointed out, “Maricopa County’s expert witness reviewed absolutely no data about plaintiff’s claims on signature verification before writing his report and submitting it to the court.”

And that the so-called “Expert” never inspected signature verification on any ballot in Maricopa county. Claims no cyber expertise despite defending the machines and tabulators used during the election during his reports. Also was not present in Maricopa County during election day.”

It is only the beginning of Kari Lake’s fight. She filed an appeal and wants signature verification back.

During the same interview she expressed the sheer volume of evidence that still needs to be heard as she has filed for the appeal.

If you feel led to join Kari Lake in this fight here is how you can.

Kari Lake has done the seemingly impossible. After being served a dubious sanction from one of Hobb’s KILLSHOT lawyers, Kari managed to dodge a bullet thanks to Judge Peter Thompson’s decision. While her challenge in Arizona was dismissed, Lake successfully won over Judge Thompson, cementing a big win for herself and all those who stand alongside her in support of signature verification. Kari Lake lives to fight another day and will no doubt continue to pursue the case against Hobbs’ all the way to the Supreme Court.

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Next News Network Team

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