Hunter Biden Will RELAPSE When He Sees What his Baby Mamma Just Did With Their Daughter in Court

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Hunter Biden may be in for a shock when he finds out about what his baby mama just did. Hunter’s former flame has taken their daughter to court and requested that her last name be changed from her mother’s surname to Hunter’s. Although Hunter might not initially be too upset, things are sure to get interesting when Joe Biden gets wind of it – the poor guy might stroke out! It will certainly make things interesting when Hunter relapses and the whole drama plays out. How will Hunter and Joe Biden handle this situation? We’ll have to wait and see!

Hunter Biden may want to pack his crack pipe and take a very long puff for this one – the woman who Hunter impregnated while in a relationship with the widow of his late brother has petitioned the court asking for her and their daughter’s last name to be changed from Roberts to Biden. Lunden Alexis Roberts first met Hunter at DC strip club where she worked as a stripper, and Navy Joan Roberts, Hunter’s lovechild, came into the world shortly after.

Joe Biden may never admit her publicly, but it appears his family name may soon be linked to Hunter’s “little secret.” Who knows how Hunter will take the news but smoking rock may be his only means of coping with this news.

The only stockings in Joe Biden’s Christmas display are for six of Joe Biden’s seven grandchildren due to Joe Biden’s refusal to acknowledge Hunter’s child although a DNA test proved it was Hunter’s child.

Daily Caller reports, according to the court filing, the child — who is not protected by the Secret Service like other members of the Biden family — would “benefit from carrying the Biden family name.” According to the court document the, “Biden name is now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.”

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports, Lunden Alexis Roberts’ attorney filed the motion Tuesday in Independence County’s 16th Circuit Court for paternity against Hunter Biden.

In March 2020, four court filings were made in the case that was originally settled. Biden, son of former President Joe Biden, reopened the case in September after filing a motion for an adjustment to his child support payments due to “substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income.”

The DNA test conducted by Judge Holly Meyer in January 2020 proved, “with near scientific certainty,” that Hunter Biden was Robert’s father. Biden tried to avoid child support payments by telling a court he had “significant debt” after his divorce from Kathleen.

Newsbusters notes, the story broke early Thursday, but ABC World News Tonight and CBS Evening News didn’t dedicate much time to it, instead reporting on a fire in a Cambodian casino. In the meantime, NBC Nightly News hyped the lowering of retail prices following Christmas.

Hunter Biden will be probably taking a long, hard hit off of his crack pipe after learning the news that a woman Hunter impregnated during his relationship with the widow of his late brother is petitioning the court to change her and their daughter’s last name to Biden. The January 2020 DNA test confirmed Hunter’s relation with near scientific certainty, so Hunter and Joe Biden will forever have their family name connected in this “little secret.” Hunter better start packing that crack pipe tight because he might need it now more than ever.

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