4D CHESS: Trump Issues Cryptic Threat To GOP That Will Have Them TERRIFIED Once They Figure It Out

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It looks like President Trump is up to his old tricks again – playing 4D chess. After recent reports indicating that he would consider running a third-party campaign should Republicans not unify behind him, the cryptic comment from Trump has GOP members scurrying – because once they figure it out, they’ll be TERRIFIED. What does this master strategist have up his sleeve? We can only watch and wait for more tidbits of information as events unfold.

President Trump playing 4D chess again? It sure looks like it! With his strategic move to go with no comment when sharing an article called “The Coming Split”, the POTUS is taking preemptive action to secure his spot as the inevitable nominee in 2024. He’s warning the GOP Establishment that he isn’t going down without a fight and that any attempts to sabotage his run for office would mean two losses: for the current president and for them. The mainstream media might be quick to cry ‘petty’ but we all know that Trump is no pushover when it comes to fighting back against the DC swamp. President Trump’s trump card? His legendary art of the ‘Deal’! Is he winning so far? You bet!

This threat was made by Trump on Truth Social.

In this screenshot, he posts a link to a newspaper article suggesting that Republicans might split.

On the website American Greatness, a pro-Trump article asks, “What should we do when a majority of Republicans want Trump, but the Republican Party says we can’t have him?”

People are taking to social media to call for Trump to run as a third party candidate.

@Living3Dream tweeted, “Trump should threaten to run 3rd party.  That will make gop understand how big his fanbase is.”

@TheJuanWilliams tweeted, “If Trump follows @SenatorSinema’s lead and runs for president as an independent he instantly launches the most consequential third-party candidacy in American history.”

@Ultra_MAGA45 Tweeted, “To end this tyranny, we may need a 3rd Party. If they force Trump out, I’ll support him in forming the #AmericaFirstParty. We may lose the Presidency for another 4 years, but this group of Globalist Uni-Party Traitors will sell us out anyway.”

President Trump’s cryptic threat to the GOP seemingly confirms that he is playing 4D chess with American politics. There seems to be a clear, though unspoken message: The Republican party needs to come together in unity behind him or face having their own presidential candidate who will likely be going up against President Trump as an Independent. Time will only tell if President Trump follows through on his threat and runs in the upcoming election, but it’s evident that no corner should be cut in attempting to ensure the re-election of President Trump. It’s fair to say that the Republican party may justly be terrified now that they have figured out what trump was implying.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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