Kari Lake Comes out GUNS BLAZING With 6 Words That Will Strike Fear into Kati Hobbs and Her Allies

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Kari Lake isn’t one to back down, and the judge certainly found out when they rejected Kari’s claims in her election lawsuit. Kari showed she won’t be messed with, threatening to take her case all the way up to the Supreme Court and vowing to do whatever it takes for her to win. You can be sure that Kari is coming at this fight with guns blazing–she’s on fire, not holding back a single bit as she pulls the trigger on both barrels of justice!

Kari Lake doesn’t fool around when it comes to her election lawsuits. In a no-nonsense interview with Larry Elder, she sent out a warning that was loud and clear – guns blazing: don’t mess with Kari Lake! But Lake’s message wasn’t just hot air; she was determined to pursue justice, vowing to take her lawsuits all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary. We don’t know what lies ahead for Kati Hobbs and Katie Hobbs conspirators, but one thing is certain – they have picked the wrong woman to tangle with!

Lake said those disputing her election lawsuits have “picked the wrong woman to mess with.”

In no uncertain terms Lake declared that Hobbs is very worried about what is coming.

She also gave some behind the scenes detail on how Donald Trump is reacting to the fraud in Arizona.

Has this been hard on Kari? You bet. But she told Elder she is going to continue fighting.

She also provided insight into the direction this is all going, declaring the clowns knew she would expose their whole racket and cause it to come crashing down.

It’s certain that Kari Lake won’t hesitate to take her case directly to the Supreme Court if that’s what it takes. She has guns blazing and a fierce determination. Anyone who dares to stand in her way best beware – Kari Lake is unstoppable and she won’t hold back when it comes to demanding justice. The conspirators against Katie Hobbs should be very scared; they’ve picked the wrong person to tangle with, and they will regret it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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