SHOCK: Fmr WH Advisor Reveals Twitter KILLED PEOPLE When They Knelt Before Fauci’s Lies

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In another shocking revelation, a former White House adviser has come forward to declare that censorship literally KILLED people. Dr. Scott Atlas, the prominent neuroradiologist who served as a special advisor on pandemic response to President Donald Trump, asserts that Twitter’s censorship of alternative views of COVID-19 led directly to loss of life. 

Former White House Adviser Dr. Scott Atlas’ allegation involves how Twitter knelt before Fauci’s lies to force extreme censorship of those within the scientific community when it came to opposing him. Dr. Atlas seems intent on cutting through the noise for what he believes is necessary for society: free access to unbiased information and informed decision-making. Simply put: censorship KILLS – and it’s time we recognize the very real implications censorship can have for public health! The message is clear: censorship must be addressed swiftly and decisively going forward in order to save lives.

It’s no surprise that Elon Musk is at the forefront of uncovering what actually happens behind the scenes on Twitter; after all, Recent evidence confirms that suppression of conservatives, working with FBI/DOJ, censoring information, and even pressure from the Biden administration are all realities – and they’re more rampant than anyone believed before.

At NTD news, Dr Scott Atlas, Senior Fellow at Stanford University and former special advisor to President Trump on the Coronavirus task force, stated that social media companies’ censorship during the pandemic has had real-world consequences that caused people to die.

When asked if he thought pandemic censorship impacted People’s Health decisions and resulted in a loss of life, Dr. Atlas declared, “absolutely there’s no question.”

Rasmussen Reports found that 63 percent of “Likely US Voters” want Congress to investigate the FBI’s relationship with Twitter. Atlas explained, he’s skeptical about any investigation “led by government officials.” In addition, he thinks a congressional inquiry would fall short of uncovering the government’s collaboration with Big Tech.

We are all aware of the uneasy relationship between big Tech and government, and Former White House Adviser Dr. Scott Atlas believes that an investigation is critical to uncover what, exactly, has been going on between these two large entities. Atlas emphasizes that any attempt to get to the bottom of this situation needs to be backed by an official investigation in order for the truth about the government working with social media companies to see the light of day, or else censorship and collusion actions will continue unchecked. 

This is a bombshell revelation that Fauci’s throne of lies is crumbling, as Former White House Adviser Dr. Scott Atlas has uncovered the dangerous implications social media companies’ COVID-19 censorship has had. Dr. Atlas revealed that this censorship, in encouraging people to follow Fauci’s false advice, had real-world consequences that caused people to lose their lives. This stunning news is shining a light on Fauci’s misinformation and must lead to a congressional investigation in order to discover the truth of what has been occuring between Big Tech and government officials throughout the pandemic.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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