SECESSION: An Oregon Story

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Another county in Oregon has joined the growing list that is putting their money where their mouth is all in an effort to escape a liberal cesspool of a state, and move towards the side of individual freedoms. 

Oregon has been sliding into the woke state that it presently is for a long time now, and it appears that it is too much for individual counties to stay inside of the state any longer. As now 12 counties have passed resolutions allowing them to become part of Idaho.

The Post Millennial reports.

As part of the Greater Idaho movement, Waikala County submitted a petition to force a ballot initiative in 2023 that would move the county out of Democrat-led Oregon and into GOP-led Idaho. The petition calls for “relocating the Oregon/Idaho border for the benefit of both states.”

According to Greater Idaho’s website, a spokesman for the movement, Matt McCaw, said, “Two major statewide ballot measures got 51 percent of the vote last month. That means eastern Oregon came within a percentage point of vetoing them. Western Oregon would be free from our interference if they stopped holding eastern Oregon captive and let our communities join Idaho.”

Changing the county boundaries would require the efforts of the Idaho, Oregon, and US Congress.

As governor of Oregon, Tina Kotek defeated GOP nominee Christine Drazen in a tight race in November.

According to the Daily Mail, Mike McCarter said, “If western Oregon doesn’t like the risk of being forced to accept the gubernatorial candidate it voted against, then it should simply stop holding our counties captive in this unhappy marriage.”

 McCarter added. “Actually, it’s not even as dramatic as a divorce because we’re not breaking up a family. Moving a state border is similar to redistricting a utility provider,”.

On the Greater Idaho website, Greater Idaho Spokesman Matt McCaw said that there are “two cultures” within Oregon and cited a gun control initiative as an example.

Mccaw went on to state “If Oregon had let Harney County go when it voted for our measure, then a Harney County judge wouldn’t have blocked Oregon’s gun control initiative from going into effect statewide. Now his injunction might stand for a couple years while he decides the case. Harney County is ranchland, and Portland is not. It doesn’t make sense for these two cultures to be dictating policy to each other,”.

There is little hope that congress will approve this, and even littler hope that the legislature of Oregon will allow this to happen. But hope must be held for those who are wanting to escape from the draconian gun laws, unfair taxation, and open socialist practices that are being done in Oregon. Many who oppose the counties leaving Oregon state that it is Un American that counties would want to leave their state and go to another state, but if it was Un-American why would there be policies and procedures outlined in US law and state laws that allow for that to happen. If the lawmakers truly cared about the citizens of those counties, they would begin the process of emancipating them to Idaho. But as is often the case, the liberals need the tax revenues from the more conservative counties to pay for their liberal agenda in other parts of the state. Good luck on your efforts!

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Next News Network Team

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