Elon Musk Broke This Liberals Mind In Two

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Many liberal Tesla owners who had once been proud to drive their car suddenly find themselves terrified of the very mention of Elon Musk. So strong is their liberal insanity that they are afraid to be seen in an automobile with a connection to somebody they previously admired. It is truly shocking how far liberal ideology can go, one liberal California Tesla owner admitted he was no longer comfortable driving the vehicle he’d bought and enjoyed several months prior due to his growing fear of Elon Musk. 

Freedom of speech is scary to many liberals, as they are forced to have people counter their one sided arguments online again. Ever since Elon Musk took over twitter and revealed to the world that conservatives were being silenced, the left has had stroke after stroke at the thought their once eco-champion Elon Musk is now an evil conservative. 

The Blaze reports, A left-wing California Tesla driver wrote an op-ed noting that he purchased the electric vehicle due to his concern for the environment, but that as much as he used to take pride in owning and using the car, he is no longer comfortable driving it because of its association with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

John Blumenthal wrote in his op-ed, “Because of the recent revelation of Elon Musk’s political views — all of which I abhor — I’m starting to worry about what sort of political statement the car is making. Will people see me as a symbol of right-wing environmentalism, a living oxymoron?”

Every time Blumenthal goes anywhere, he is “horrified” to be associated with Musk’s brand.

Blumenthal wrote: “Musk has turned Twitter into a playground for neo-Nazis and other random hatemongers, embraced everything Trumpian and responded quickly to Kanye West’s outrageous flirtation with Hitler.”

He went on to say “It’s a beautifully designed car with no carbon emission, and initially, I was proud of owning it and being seen driving a vehicle that displayed my concern for the environment,” Blumenthal wrote. “But I’m a liberal, and if Musk’s politics don’t change radically for the better, driving a Tesla will become, at least for me, as hypocritical and untenable as driving a gas guzzler was.”

These liberal antics come after a number of bombshell reports out of Twitter that the former owners were colluding with the FBI to censor free speech.

Shellenberger reported, “The FBI’s influence campaign may have been helped by the fact that it was paying Twitter millions of dollars for its staff time.” 

He also attached an email from an associate of former FBI agent Jim Baker: “I am happy to report we have collected $3,415,323 since October 2019!”

According to Miranda Devine of the New York Post, a massive FBI influence campaign is underway to force Twitter to censor the New York Post Hunter Biden laptop story so that Joe Biden will win in 2020. Now the FBI is being accused of committing a crime.

So you can only support companies that are eco friendly, but only if they are also extremely left leaning. Good thing John Blumenthal did not pull an AOC and recommend everyone buy a volkswagen electric vehicle. Because you know you cannot support nazis…. This just further highlights how insane the left is, they want to save the planet, but will only do so if we slide into a dictatorship. These people openly reject freedom of speech, and stand firmly against anyone who holds traditional American ideals of freedom in their hearts. But it just fits the narrative the entire world is taking, one that leads to a one world government where individual freedom is a thing of the past all in order to stop global cooling,…….. or was it warming,….. oh wait it was the ozone layer, …….no it was acid rain, or……was it…. microplastics. Sorry it’s a new year, hard to remember which thing we are scared of this time around. But definitely freedom is bad. For sure….. Crazy.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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