Controversial Drug Taking a Heavy Toll on Kids as Legalization Spreads!

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This disturbing development can only be described as a grave concern – the increasing risks that kids are being affected due to the liberalization of this controversial drug. While the potential benefits are argued in many circles, it is undeniable that children should not be caught in the crossfire of a newly legalized adult substance. Legalization of such substances carries a burden of responsibility, and an ever-increasing trend without adequate knowledge and education to accompany it can only mean disaster for generations to come.

As cannabis continues to be legalized for recreational purposes in more and more states throughout the country, it is becoming increasingly clear that careful regulation is necessary to ensure that children are not exposed. Unfortunately, reports of kids becoming sickened after consuming cannabis-infused edibles are on the rise, proving that proper safety measures are not being given adequate attention. The legalization of pot requires a major cultural shift and while legislators may struggle with setting limitations and enforcing them properly, rigid protection must be implemented or else what’s the point? If these drugs are going to be carelessly legalized then special steps should be taken to ensure our children’s safety; anything less would simply not make sense.

Daily Wire reports, over the past five years, more states have legalized marijuana, which has resulted in more children eating cannabis-infused edibles.

Over 7,000 pediatric poisonings were reported to the National Poison Data System, which tracks poisoning reports nationwide.

A doctor by the name of Marit Tweeted, “When it’s in candy form or cookies, people don’t think of it in the same way as household chemicals or other things a child could get into.”

Over 97% of exposures occur at home, according to a study published in Pediatrics. Researchers concluded, “Providers should be aware of this in their practices, and this is an important opportunity for education and prevention.”

Multiple methods were recommended to reduce future poisonings. The suggestions included changing product packaging and labeling, reducing the maximum allowable dose per package, and educating the public about household risks, especially for young children.

As cannabis-infused edibles are often packaged in the form of candy or cookies, children can accidentally consume them.

There is a particular concern for toddlers who are unable to read the packaging. Children between the ages of 2 and 3 account for more than half of the reports.

However, America doesn’t seem to be the only country suffering from this issue. In fact our neighbor in the north, Canada, which is more progressive seems to be experiencing the same trend as they too legalize marijuana.

CTV reported the same issues as liberal cities,

There seems to be quite a correlation in both our countries.

It is paramount that adults take responsibility for the use of drugs and products, particularly those with a childlike advertisement. We must not let children be exposed to something potentially life-altering through packaging or appearances alone. We need to make an effort in protecting the most vulnerable from such dangers, rather than taking the risk of someone else’s recklessness leading to harm. But if adults refuse to be accountable, then perhaps we should consider removing all seemingly tantalizing advertising for adult products away from children–for their own sake. This has to stop unless of course this is what liberals want which would make all the sense in the world. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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