HAHAHA! Eric Adams Declares New York City Full After More Illegals Bussed There

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A startling admission came from New York Mayor Eric Adams after it was revealed that another border state would be shipping illegal immigrants to the Big apple. 

For months Governors from border states have been shipping illegal immigrants to liberal strongholds. Most notably Chicago, Washington DC, and New York City have seen thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into their cities from buses, and planes being sent. In each jurisdiction that illegal immigrants went to in the liberal strongholds declared emergencies, strongly condemning the apparent audacity of shipping the border problems to their “sanctuary states”.

The Post millennial reports, Colorado Governor Jared Polis said on Tuesday that his state would be shipping migrants to New York, prompting New York Mayor Eric Adams to declare that there is “no more room at the inn, Adams also renewed his call for $1 billion in emergency funds in order to provide shelter for the tens of thousands of migrants who have descended upon the city.

Mayor Eric Adams called into WABC radio’s Sid and friends in the morning to make a statement against the Colorado Governor. 


To add insult and injury to the border states Adam finished with “This has really impacted on the quality of life in New York, and our ability to provide everyday long-term New Yorkers with the needs that they have during this difficult time. So this must be addressed,”

Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis has reached his limit when it comes to having hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants ending up in his state.

Colorado’s  Democrat Governor Jared Polis told POLITICO shortly after his announcement to bus illegals to NYC, that the state has been helping asylum seekers reach their final destinations — including New York City — for weeks. The only change has been a recent winter storm and ensuing travel catastrophe that created a backlog of migrants wanting to leave Denver, which is now being cleared.


I just have to say how funny it is that these liberal sanctuary cities for years were blasting the states along the border for complaining about the small immigration problem we have. Now that these states and jurisdictions are receiving the smallest percentage of the illegal immigrants to their cities and states, Governors like Kathy Hochul and JB Pritzker have declared public emergencies, demanded billions of dollars from the federal government, and have called for national guard troops to help with the problem. However when the border states requested national guard support, and help from the Federal government they were called racist, and all sorts of bad names. Keep up the pressure Governors it is working! A big shout out to Ron Desantis, Gregg Abbot, Jared polis, and Doug Ducey for bringing about this massive shift in the narrative on illegal immigration!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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